In the fast-paced world of executive recruitment, staying connected with potential candidates is crucial. Athena, a leading delegation technology company, is making strides in this area by using engageSPARK’s bulk SMS blast platform to streamline its recruitment process in the Philippines. This blog post delves into how Athena is enhancing its engagement with Executive Assistant candidates, leading to a more efficient and responsive recruitment experience. 

A Technology-Driven Approach to Recruitment 

Athena, not just another VA service but a transformative partner, trains and hires top-tier Executive Partners, building powerful partnerships with industry leaders and professionals worldwide. Their unique approach to delegation and time management has set them apart in the field. 

Target Audience: Reaching the Right Candidates 

Athena’s target audience includes: 

  • Active Candidates: Those who have applied but not completed the recruitment process as well as those who are willing to be interviewed early and can start immediately. 
  • Passive Candidates: Individuals open to new opportunities, even if not actively job hunting. 
  • Job Seekers in general: People actively seeking job opportunities in various industries. 

The Role of engageSPARK in Athena’s Recruitment Strategy 

Athena uses engageSPARK’s SMS blast campaigns for several reasons: 

  1. Notify Candidates: SMS reminders are sent to prompt candidates to complete assessments within specified timeframes.
  2. Engage and Update: Candidates receive updates about the recruitment process.
  3. Streamline Communication: SMS campaigns make it easier for candidates to respond and reschedule appointments.
  4. Improve Candidate Experience: By providing timely and relevant information, Athena enhances the candidate experience. 

With engageSPARK, these communications are automated, personalized, and can be pre-scheduled, ensuring efficiency with respect to candidates’ preferences. 

Impact and Growth: From 169 to Over 62,000 Candidates 

Starting with 169 candidate phone numbers, Athena’s use of engageSPARK has seen its contact list swell to 62,670 recipients as of October 2023, reflecting the effectiveness and scalability of the engageSPARK platform. 

SMS blasts have proven effective due to the promptness with which most people check their text messages. This immediacy ensures candidates are engaged and responsive. Candidates have positively received the SMS campaigns, appreciating the proactive updates on their application status. This approach has improved communication efficiency and candidate engagement. 

Since implementing SMS communication, Athena has observed a significant improvement in candidate behavior, with increased responsiveness and participation in the application process. 

Why engageSPARK: A Client’s Perspective 

According to Athena’s Sourcing Manager, Gio Salanatin, Athena initially chose engageSPARK “due to its intuitive interface for creating and managing SMS campaigns, along with its competitive pricing. Over time, the standout feature for us has been the exceptional customer support. The engageSPARK team has consistently provided responsive and valuable assistance, which, combined with the effectiveness of our SMS campaigns, has solidified our ongoing use of the platform.” 

Conclusion: A Partnership Driving Success 

Athena’s partnership with engageSPARK exemplifies the power of innovative technology in streamlining recruitment processes. By leveraging engageSPARK’s SMS blast platform, Athena has not only enhanced its communication with Executive Assistant candidates but has also set a new standard in the recruitment industry. 

If you are a sourcing manager reading this post or know anyone whom you think could use some help in communicating with their candidates, send us an email to, and let’s talk. engageSPARK’s global SMS Blast, Voice Blast, Voice IVR Surveys, WhatsApp Surveys, Airtime Top-Ups, and CATI Surveys platform could just be the right solution for you. 

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