CATI Surveys

for Market Research

Collect data for qualitative research in 160+ countries

using computer-assisted phone interviews.


 What is a CATI Survey?

CATI Survey—short for Computer-assisted telephone interview—is a method of collecting data where an interviewer calls a participant and follows a script on their computer. The responses are entered directly into the CATI app, allowing for real-time data validation & reports. In many cases, CATI is a superior alternative to in-person interviews and an efficient method of surveying hard-to-reach populations for qualitative research.

How We Make CATI Surveys Easy for You

engageSPARK’s CATI Surveys are very similar to pen and paper surveys: your interviewer talks to the participant, following a set of questions, and records the answers. The big difference with CATI lies in the app that helps you create the survey script and record the answers.

Our cloud-based self-service app allows you to design your CATI Survey questions and logic, upload the phone numbers of your program participants, and assign them to your trained interviewers. Oh, and calls can be made directly from the browser—no hassle with managing phones.

How You Can Use engageSPARK

Non-Profit Organizations for Data Collection

  • Interview micro-entrepreneurs on services available to them and how they’ve benefited from MFI programs.
  • Engage youths on socio-political topics and how it affects them through one-on-one phone conversations.

Leading Universities for Qualitative Research

  • Get random sampling on demographic data and overall health of the population in Latin American countries.
  • Understand the drivers of vaccine hesitations through open-ended telephone surveys.

Businesses for Collecting Customer Feedback

  • Call interested applicants for a quick vetting interview and schedule them for follow-up interviews.
  • Get feedback and improve customer satisfaction and brand awareness.

​Why Use engageSPARK for Your CATI surveys?

Higher Participant Engagement

Talking to a live person helps participants feel more comfortable in answering while interviewers can ask more open-ended questions for qualitative data collection.

Quicker Interviews

Speed up the interview process by customizing the script, providing pre-defined answers, and assigning a pipeline of participants to your interviewers.

Tailored to the Participant

Keep your surveys short and tailored to each participant—using conditions and jump logic that are  based on previous answers and custom fields. 

Calls from the browser

Allow interviewers to call participants directly from the CATI app. This way you don’t have to manage phones or airtime, while keeping expenses centrally managed.

Scalable & Global

Interview participants anytime at the comforts of your home or in a call center and reach a wider audience without having to worry about geographical borders.

Real-time Report and Monitoring

Collect data in real-time with more oversight of your interviewers and remote access to data analytics. 

Have Meaningful Conversations – At Scale!

Interview program participants in real-time at the comforts of your home or anywhere using engageSPARK’s CATI Telephone Survey Campaigns. 

engageSPARK SMS Survey Tool


Design and pre-load survey questions.



Assign group of participants to each interviewers.


Interviewer call participants from their browser.

Features Built for Non-Techies

Straightforward design

Easily design and update your survey questions with action routing and skip logic.

Integration with built in features

Send follow-up text messages, IVR calls, WhatsApp surveys, and incentivize survey participants with airtime top-ups.

Integration with third-party apps

Using engageSPARKs APIs and apps like Zapier, you can easily integrate CATI survey results to other systems like Qualtrics.

Contact segments and assignment

Put contacts in groups and assign the group to interviewers so they only have access to that specific group of contacts.

Personalized conversations

Have a more interactive and personal one-on-one conversation with participants with open-ended questions to collect more meaningful data.

Role access management

Separate admin and interviewer access where admin can assign persons to interview and interviewers can only see those assigned to them.

What Our Customers Are Saying About engageSPARK

engageSPARK’s airtime top-ups have made it possible for us to seamlessly incentivise our respondents. Among the integrations we explored, we found EngageSpark to be the most stable and interoperable while offering wider coverage.
Samuel Chinenyeze

CTO, Survey54

We are really happy with your product and services while already we have recommended your services to other NGOs and private organizations as well.
Rangitha Balasuriya

Senior Project Coordinator, IOM

The platform delivers on making the SMS and IVR services simple enough for non-tech users, but also allows additional advanced features for customized needs.
Hannah Rubio

Lead Software Developer, Grameen Foundation

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