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How can I use your API?


An API (Application Programming Interface) is used to integrate our campaigns and messaging platform with your own servers and databases. We currently have the following API options: Send SMS API, SMS Webhook, Subscription API, Zapier Integration (for SMS or Voice campaigns subscription) and the Make API Action.


Use our HTTP APIs if you want another program or platform to securely access engageSPARK functionality or data. For example, you will be able to send SMS or airtime topups, subscribe contacts to campaigns, read contacts, and more. Find our OpenAPI documentation here.

Webhook for Received SMS

The Receive SMS Webhook API is a simple API used to connect your server/database to our local phone numbers. When an incoming SMS arrives into our platform, we forward it to a URL on your server. Any response from your server is sent back to your contact who sent the SMS. Alternatively, you can use our Send SMS API to send messages back to your contacts.  Learn more

Webhook as a Campaign Action

The Make API Request action in your Voice and SMS surveys posts the individual responses of an Automated Phone Call (IVR) and SMS Survey in JSON format to your server after every responses are made on the call or SMS. Besides triggering an IVR call via Subscription API, engageSPARK can forward the survey responses and other data to the URL specified on your campaign call and SMS actions.  Learn more

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