Zapier Integration

Our Zapier integration enables you to automatically engage new subscribers from CRM tools, Google Forms, Facebook Pages and other website apps with SMS text or Voice call messages. It works as a Subscription API: Once people subscribe from your website, it will trigger an SMS or Voice (IVR) engagement.

The engageSPARK’s Zapier App is in beta phase and is invite only for now.  Click here  to get the invitation to use our zap and start linking your website’s apps with our platform.

Setup Guide

Create your engagement

  1. Log in to your engageSPARK account.
  2. First, you need to create a running SMS or Voice engagement you want to send to people.
  3. On Step 1: Do the following for either SMS or Voice engagement:
    a. SMS: Enter the text message – remember you can personalize the SMS, so if you send in the first or last name via Zapier, you can have it automatically inserted into the SMS.  Learn more about our SMS features »
    b. Voice: Upload your mp3’s and create your call flow.  Learn more about IVR Advanced features »
  4. On Step 2: Select yourself to serve as a dummy contact—so our system will let you launch the engagement.
  5. On Step 3: Set the end time to “never (only if I stop this engagement)“. This way the engagement will stay live for a long time unless stopped.
  6. Launch the engagement.
    Note: Voice calls or SMS text will only be sent if users are subscribed via your website’s app.

Grab some information from your engageSPARK account to input into Zapier

  1. Check on the engagement report and grab the engagement ID.
    To get the engagement ID, go to its reports page by clicking on the Reports Reports button button on the Engagements dashboard. Find the ID number at the address bar when you open the reports page:<engagement-id>/report/#/summary
  2. Find your Org ID: Access (Avatar > My Organization) and get the Organization ID.
  3. Grab your engageSPARK API token:
    a. Go here: ( Avatar > My Profile)
    b. Click Account Settings
    c. Click API Key

Go to Zapier

  1. Choose your Trigger App
  2. Select engageSPARK as your Action App and link it by pasting in your API token
  3. On the Template step, enter your Org ID and Engagement ID (see above details on how to grab these info) and map the fields from the trigger app to the phone number, first name, and last name fields. Then hit Finish.


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