Salesforce CRM – SMS & IVR via Zapier & engageSPARK Integration

Send an SMS or Automated Call (IVR) every time you add a new contact to your Salesforce Account

Step 1: Accept engageSPARK invite on Zapier. To do that, check this support page for steps.

Step 2: Now create your first zap with engageSPARK – click Create this ZAP

Step 3: Choose Salesforce as your trigger app.

Step 4: Select the trigger. Here, we will choose “New Contact” which means that every time a new contact is added to your Salesforce account, Zapier will perform the tasks you placed under the Action App (e.g. Send an SMS to the new contact).

Step 5: Connect your Salesforce Account. Just select the account you want to use, then click “Test” and hit “Continue

Step 6: Choose the Action App. If you have accepted engageSPARK’s Invite on Step 1 for the first time, engageSPARK will be automatically chosen as the Action App.

Step 7: Choose the action you want engageSPARK to do. Here, we will select “Subscribe Contact to an Engagement

Important! Make sure your engagement is set up to work well with Zapier. CLICK HERE to learn how.

Step 8: Connect your engageSPARK account. If you have connected the account before, just select which account you want to use then click “Test” then hit “Continue

If it is still your first time to connect, here’s a guide on How to Connect your engageSPARK account to Zapier. 

Step 9: Fill out this template from Zapier.

Now, let’s got thru each of the Blank Fields. Here, Zapier can pull out some info from Salesforce.

For example, for the Full Phone Number, just click on the icon at the end of the search bar so Zapier will pull out the options based on the info in Salesforce then choose “Phone Number“.

For the Org ID, type your Org Id in the blank field. If you don’t know your Org ID, CLICK HERE here to grab it from your account.

For the Engagement ID, you can find it when you go to the Reports page of the engagement you created. It is the number in the Url. (See Image below)

For the First Name, just click again on the icon at the end of the search bar then choose “First Name” from what Zapier pulled out from Sales Force.

Do the same for Last Name

Step 10: Test it then click Create & Continue

Step 11: Once test is successful, click Finish

Step 12: Turn ON your Zap and test it by adding a new contact in your Salesforce Account.

Note that these steps are not exclusive to a “New Contact” but you can also follow these steps if you want to send an SMS every time you add a new lead or a new custom object to your Salesforce account.


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