Interact with everyone at scale

even the 5 billion people offline

“Our partnership with engageSPARK was the turning point on this program.”

-Vai Krishnan, Mercy Corps (sent 1,000,000+ Voice Calls and SMS Texts)

Our Mission

engageSPARK enables anyone, anywhere to build and launch SMS and Voice Call alerts, surveys, reminders, educational curriculums, and on demand information campaigns to 200+ countries – within minutes. NGOs and Governments anywhere can use engageSPARK to dramatically extend the reach and impact of their social change programs to encompass all poor people in the world who have mobile phones.

Similarly, using engageSPARK, businesses can expand their customer base and conduct targeted consumer research. It is a self-service website where any non-technical person can easily, quickly, and cheaply create and launch many types of sophisticated, interactive SMS and Voice messaging campaigns. This enables anyone, anywhere to send key information and collect important data from any recipient with access to a phone.

Opportunity Labs


Our vision is a world where any motivated person has the economic opportunities they need to step out of poverty and reach for their dreams. We will build a conglomerate of not for profit businesses that directly or indirectly impact the lives of the poor. These businesses will sell products, provide services, and/or create fair jobs. All profits will be used to increase our impact globally. We are proud to present engageSPARK as our first social business.

Our Commitment to Community


As a social enterprise, we are committed to helping communities both through our engageSPARK platform and also locally. Learn more on how we are part of the tech community!

With our friends at, we started a coworking space & community hub in Cebu: The TIDE. As the first coworking space in Cebu, it’s dedicated to help the startup, tech, and social enterprise communities grow. The TIDE itself is also a social enterprise and to make it inclusive, the prices are very affordable and priced at cost. All profits go back to growing The TIDE and for providing event space, projector, and even food for free for community events. The awesome Internet (50 mbps) helps freelancers, startups, and professionals be more productive and accomplish great things.


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