ChatGPT & AI: We’re incorporating AI into engageSPARK.

Our Mission


We are a social enterprise dedicated to helping organizations interact with anyone, via any phone, in any part of the world.  We believe that everyone should have access to information, education, services, products, jobs, and more; and that they should be able to express their voice freely.

And we really mean anyone, anywhere – our customers provide critical information to rural farmers in Kenya, Philippines, Colombia and many other countries; increase access to call center jobs for urban and rural citizens across Asia; create awareness about HIV and mobilize HIV-positive citizens in Lesotho & Papua New Guinea; and much more.

And this is all possible because all of those people have access to a phone, regardless of the type of phone.

Our Vision

We started engageSPARK because almost all, if not all, tools in the market required users to have tech skills.  We wanted to be a truly inclusive platform, not just for the larger organizations but also the smaller ones – so that non-IT staff at organizations could leverage the power of automation to interact with anyone, anywhere – and get started with just $5.  That’s why we built the world’s easiest to use platform for interacting with people via their phones.

Our big innovation was creating 3-step wizards that make it super easy to build and launch interactive campaigns in just minutes, which has never existed before, especially for complex, interactive Voice Call campaigns.

We, of course, still have a lot of work to do.  We’re working hard to make our platform even easier to use and building out a comprehensive omnichannel engagement tool because the way people communicate worldwide keeps changing.  It used to be Voice and SMS, and now for many people, it’s moving to Chat Apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, and Viber.  We’re moving with them.

We work with some of the largest brands and NGOs in the world including Unilever, Johns Hopkins University, International Organization for Migration (IOM – the UN Migration agency), Facebook, Google, Mars, Convergys, UNICEF, World Food Programme (WFP), Mercy Corps, Grameen, and many more.  And of course, many small companies and NGOs use our automation platform, like Acumen, Noora Health, House of IT, Zennya, Saturday Kids, and others.

Our Supporters and Investors

Our Partners