ChatGPT & AI: We’re incorporating AI into engageSPARK.

Survey and message hard-to-reach populations globally

Engage your audience remotely and at scale — using SMS,
Voice (IVR), WhatsApp, and Airtime Top-Ups

Trusted by the largest organizations worldwide. Used in 185+ countries.

Launch your campaign in minutes!

Automate your campaigns through our intuitive workflows packed with powerful features—without writing a single line of code.

SMS blasts

Send text messages worldwide in huge numbers & at lightning speeds—for crisis notifications, informational messages, transactional updates

IVR surveys

Use automated phone surveys to collect data from anyone with a mobile phone—especially from illiterate populations

Airtime topups

Send mobile credit to phones in bulk, or as an instant reward / incentive to your respondents when they complete an IVR, SMS, or WhatsApp survey

WhatsApp surveys

Survey thousands at the same time via WhatsApp—using images, videos, PDFs, and audio clips

Call blasts

Send pre-recorded voice calls in bulk—to distribute critical notifications, educational messages, and reminders

SMS surveys

Survey your audience with 2-way text messages—to collect feedback, for research, and M&E

Interact with your program participants

  • Send text (SMS) blasts to thousands of participants (beneficiaries) in seconds.
  • Get feedback from participants / beneficiaries on humanitarian projects for monitoring and evaluation (M&E).
  • Create automated SMS and Voice hotlines for feedback and emergency assistance.
  • Educate participants and alert them during emergencies.
  • Schedule a series of multi-channel messages that go out over a period of time.

Check out our case studies to learn how engageSPARK is making an impact all over the world.

Survey your research participants

  • Collect thousands of data points through SMS surveys, Voice IVR (interactive voice response) surveys, and WhatsApp surveys.
  • Encourage survey participation with incentives through airtime top-ups.
  • Advertise survey hotline numbers to allow opt-ins for more coverage.
  • Include quotas to ensure you get the right number of completed surveys per demographic.

Read how Johns Hopkins University (JHU) sent surveys to millions of people in Colombia.

Build relationships with your customers

  • Make offline ads (billboards, TV, radio, print) interactive and measure ROI.
  • Generate, qualify, and convert leads via automated interactions.
  • Gather feedback and discover market trends through SMS and Voice IVR surveys.
  • Incentivize and reward with prepaid airtime and data top-ups.
  • Plus! Integrate with any CRM (Salesforce, Pipedrive, etc.).

Check out our blog to learn how you can make the most out of SMS and Voice Marketing.

IVR surveys completed in 5 days in Ghana

citizens engaged in 3 days in Bangladesh

SMS surveys in 1 month in Colombia


“We love using the engageSPARK platform – it’s super user-friendly, the customer service is great, and we’re learning how to get high response rates!”

Kasia Stochniol, Director

60 Decibels, a leading impact measurement company spun out of Acumen, surveys respondents in 40 countries.

“engageSPARK enables us to send massive numbers of public health surveys. We get millions of data points in real-time and are able to complete our research very quickly. The platform is really powerful, yet easy-to-use, making any layperson feel like a techie!”

Dustin Gibson, Assistant Scientist

Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health - conducts research and implement behavior change programs in 4 continents.

“The engageSPARK platform allows us to communicate important series of health-related tips. Our participants wait by their phones at 5 pm daily for the messages to arrive.”

Rya Ducusin, Communications Specialist

CARE, disseminates health and COVID-19 related tips to NCD patients in the Philippines.

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