How organizations are using engageSPARK to fight COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

We are helping organizations send COVID-19 communications, such as WHO health advice.

Anyone with a phone is within your reach.

Create and deliver SMS Surveys, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Surveys, and Drip Campaigns in 200+ countries.

Welcome your customers with a drip campaign. 

Plan, create, and schedule a series of texts and calls through engageSPARK’s intuitive platform.

We’ll do the heavy lifting for you.  

Automate your text blasts and customized bulk SMS in minutes!

Trusted by the largest organisations across the globe.

How you can use engageSPARK in your COVID-19 campaign

Launch your campaign in minutes!

Automate your campaigns through our intuitive workflows. You don’t have to write a single line of code.

Send promos and notifications

Bulk SMS and Text Blast

Get answers with SMS

SMS Surveys

Gather feedback with voice

Voice IVR Surveys

Automate incentives

Airtime Topups

Clean your contacts database

Phone Number Validation

Interact with your beneficiaries

  • Send SMS blasts to thousands of beneficiaries in minutes.
  • Collect thousands of data through SMS and Voice surveys.
  • Encourage survey participation with incentives through airtime top-ups.
  • Educate beneficiaries and alert them during emergencies with SMS blasts.

Check out our case studies to know how engageSPARK is making an impact all over the world.

Build relationships with customers

  • Make offline ads (billboards, TV, radio, print) interactive and measure ROI.
  • Generate, qualify and convert leads via automated interactions.
  • Gather feedback and discover market trends through SMS and Voice IVR surveys.
  • Incentivize and reward with prepaid airtime and data top-ups.
  • Plus! Integrate with any CRM (Salesforce, Pipedrive, etc.).

Read our blog to find out how you can make the most out of SMS and Voice Marketing.

surveys completed in 5 days

IVR surveys launched in 1 day

beneficiaries educated in 6 mos.

"We love using the engageSPARK platform - it's super user-friendly, the customer service is great, and we're learning how to get high response rates!"

– Kasia Stochniol, Associate Director at Acumen

Acumen is using engageSPARK in South Africa, India, Haiti, and Ethiopia – and expects to continue using engageSPARK across the world.

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