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Send information via an SMS Text or Voice Call, immediately or scheduled.

  • Alert people with weather or emergency information and how to prepare.

  • Message your staff across the world with important information.

  • Drive customers to your store with a special coupon or offer.


Ask questions using SMS Text or Voice Calls. Recipients answer with an SMS text or by pressing a number on their phone.

  • Educate people by sending a lesson followed by a quiz to reinforce the lesson and test comprehension.

  • Survey your worldwide staff about employee satisfaction.

  • Ask customers for feedback or ratings and gather sales information.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

An easy way to receive or retrieve information via pre-recorded Voice Calls.

  • People call a phone number and press keys to retrieve information: e.g., "Press 1 to learn about malaria", and "Press 2 to learn about tuberculosis.

  • Your field worker receives a phone call every week to help local farmers: e.g., "Press 1 for the farming tip of the week" and "Press 2 for the livestock tip of the week.

  • Your customers call a number and choose from a list of Frequently Asked Questions to instantly hear a helpful, pre-recorded voice answer.

Reminders & Curriculums

Send messages in a curriculum over any schedule.

  • Conduct a public health awareness campaign with a new topic every week.

  • Send messages to pregnant women or a new parent to remind her about checkups and vaccinations.

  • Excite your staff with daily motivational messages.

  • Schedule coupons to be sent every Tuesday and Friday to customers.

SMS Text Auto Replies

Your users send an SMS Text with a keyword. We automatically reply with information you specified.

  • Voters send an SMS Text with the name of their town and receive voting locations.

  • Farmers send a crop name and receive the current price and best place to sell.

  • Health care workers in the field send the name of a disease and receive a list of symptoms and treatment.

Webhook (Simple API for Developers)

Incoming SMS Texts from your users are forwarded to your server for processing, and your server's response is sent to the user.

  • People SMS Text the name of their city to get the weather forecast.

  • Your staff SMS Text in a keyword to query your database server and easily get the information.

  • Health care workers SMS Text the name of a patient to lookup patient info from your server.

Missed Call (or Flash or Beep)

Automatically Call or SMS Text anyone who makes a cost-free Missed Call to your phone number.

  • Your customers, beneficiaries, or staff call a phone number. Our system intentionally doesn’t answer, so the caller isn't charged. We immediately Call the person back or send them an SMS Text. They get information - when they want it, at zero cost to them!

  • Don’t have the phone numbers of your target audience? Advertise that if they make a Free Missed Call, they'll immediately be enrolled in your program.

  • Want to enable the poor to vote yes/no about a pressing political issue? Publicize that a Free Missed Call to one phone number means a yes vote and to another phone number means a no vote.

Inbound Local Phone Numbers (or Virtual Phone Numbers)

Receive SMS Text Messages and Voice Calls worldwide.

  • Get your own local phone number in seconds (Voice numbers available in 80+ countries, SMS numbers in 40)

  • Link the phone number to your campaign

  • Your customers, beneficiaries, or staff can now send SMS Texts in response to surveys or text / call into your campaigns to retrieve information

Android SMS Gateway App

Receive Messages and Missed Calls in 200+ Countries

  • Install our simple SMS Gateway Relay App on your Android Phone and use your own local SIM Card to send and receive SMS Text messages

  • Available in all 200+ countries

  • A Missed Call to your Android phone triggers our system to send SMS Texts or make Calls


Analyze the results of your SMS Text and Voice Call campaigns

  • View aggregated insights about your campaigns: 33% replied Yes. 67% No.

  • Export details about every interaction: Sue pressed the number 1 on her phone at 5:45pm to select a maternal health message and then listened to it for 4 minutes.

  • Reports are real-time enabling you to get insights immediately.

More Features

  • Powerful Contact management: upload csv or Excel files, use Groups and Smart Groups.

  • Personalize SMS Text messages by merging info from Contacts - such as "Dear Jane"

  • Store custom information on each Contact, such as gender, age, city, and loan amount.

  • Robust reporting and statistics for engagements. Download detailed data.

  • Detailed message history for every contact.

  • All Unicode languages for SMS: Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, and more!

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