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SMS Blasts

for your global audience

Send text messages to over 200 countries

using engageSPARK’s Bulk SMS Blast platform.


 What is an SMS Blast?

An SMS blast or text blast is sending a single message to a large group of people simultaneously. With the use of a web-based bulk SMS texting service, you can now very easily automate and schedule your SMS blasts to mobile users across the globe. It is an effective and cost-efficient way of communicating to your customers and program participants to deliver important messages and stay top of mind.

How We Make SMS Blasts Easy for You

engageSPARK’s SMS Blast platform is designed with our customers in mind. In just 3 easy steps, you can launch your text blast campaigns in minutes. Anyone on your team can do it!

Our cloud-based self-service app allows you to design, personalize, and schedule your text messages to go out to a group of contacts. As well as giving you the flexibility to make any last-minute changes.

2-way SMS is also fully supported by our platform. Send and receive SMS, run SMS surveys, or set up auto-responses!

How You Can Use engageSPARK

Non-Profit Organizations: Educational SMS Blasts

  • Educate vulnerable populations using a series of SMS blasts on financial services available to them.
  • Promote disaster resilience by enrolling program participants in a scheduled text blast on disaster preparedness.

Leading Universities: SMS Primer for Upcoming Calls

  • Improve response rates on surveys by sending participants an SMS primer of upcoming scheduled survey calls.
  • Encourage research participation by sending online survey links through SMS blasts.

Businesses: Marketing and Brand Awareness

  • Notify your customers of new product launches via SMS blasts.
  • Increase sales by pushing out promotional bulk SMS.
  • Stay top of mind by sending text messages reminding customers of important company events.

​Why Use engageSPARK for SMS Blasts?

Cheap and easy

Text blasts are a fast, convenient, and cheap way to deliver important messages to your contacts.


Send messages to tens of thousands of contacts at scale whenever, wherever. Anyone who has a mobile phone can be reached!

Real-Time Reports

Increase awareness by sending time-sensitive information with real-time reports of contacts reached.

Personalized Messages

Personalize your text blasts using dynamic custom fields so your contacts feel that your messages are really meant for them.

Sender Name or Mask Name

Use a sender ID to put your contacts at ease knowing that the message is coming from a known and trusted brand.


Our Bulk SMS API allows you to send SMS messages to multiple phone numbers anywhere in the world. It’s fast, highly reliable, and very easy to use.

Reach Participants – At Scale!

SMS Blasts are made easy using engageSPARK’s simple 3-step wizard.

Features Built for Non-Techies

Self-service platform

Sign up, create campaigns, and launch in minutes—no coding needed!

Straightforward design

Easily design an SMS Blast campaign using our easy-to-follow three-step wizard.

Built in features

Personalize your messages and create automated responses for incoming messages.


Reply to SMS inquiries you receive and have one on one conversations with your contacts.

Flexible scheduling

Create your SMS blast campaigns and schedule them to go out whenever.

Segment Contacts

Put contacts in groups or segments to easily send text messages in bulk.

What Our Customers Are Saying About engageSPARK

engageSPARK’s airtime top-ups have made it possible for us to seamlessly incentivize our respondents. Among the integrations we explored, we found EngageSpark to be the most stable and interoperable while offering wider coverage.

Samuel Chinenyeze

CTO, Survey54

We are really happy with your product and services while already we have recommended your services to other NGOs and private organizations as well.

Rangitha Balasuriya

Senior Project Coordinator, IOM

The platform delivers on making the SMS and IVR services simple enough for non-tech users, but also allows additional advanced features for customized needs.

Hannah Rubio

Lead Software Developer, Grameen Foundation

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