ChatGPT & AI: We’re incorporating AI into engageSPARK.

Respond to Keywords with SMS Auto Replies 

Users send an SMS Text with a keyword. Our SMS Gateway automatically replies with your message.

  • Voters send an SMS Text with the name of their town and receive voting locations
  • Customer sends the name of the town they are in and gets store locations
  • Customer sends in a keyword and gets a list of current promos
  • Farmers send a crop name and receive the current price and best places to sell
  • Health care workers in the field send the name of a disease and receive a list of symptoms and treatments
  • Create an SMS encyclopedia or directory, where people can get information by sending in keywords

Launch SMS Auto Reply campaigns in minutes with engageSPARK


  • Use 3-step wizards to create Auto Replies rapidly and easily
  • No tech skills required
  • Your Auto Reply will be triggered by a specific keyword

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