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Voice and SMS Blasts

Leverage engageSPARK to quickly broadcast your message in a super easy way

  • Reach millions of offline clients and build a relationship with them
  • Send personalized messages about your product or service on a regular schedule
  • Drive customers to your stores with coupons or other offers
  • Scale your campaigns effortlessly

Automated Calls (IVR)

Send automated calls to interact with anyone, anywhere

  • Reach millions of people who are offline
  • Send regular personalized communications to engage customers with your brand
  • Free for participants
  • Low cost per interaction, since you only pay for answered calls
  • Analyze info from responses (e.g. tone, gender, age) to drive more engagement

24/7 Hotline

Leverage engageSPARK to provide automated Hotlines

  • Enable your staff to notify you that they’ll be late or absent, or report concerns anytime
  • Allow customers to give feedback, report complaints, or get special offers
  • People can get help for violence, emergencies and seek medical assistance
  • Toll-free numbers available

Virtual Phone Numbers

Leverage engageSPARK to get a two-way interaction using a virtual local phone numbers for your campaigns

  • Access our list of virtual numbers and buy from us instantly
  • Voice numbers available in 80+ countries, SMS numbers in 40+
  • Your users can call or send a text to your local phone number to trigger an automated response

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Easy-To-Use APIs

  • SMS API: Send SMS via API to any mobile phone globally
  • Receive SMS Webhook: Incoming SMS in any country forwarded to your webhook URL endpoint
  • Airtime TopUp / Mobile Phone Credit API: Send airtime to anyone, anywhere on the fly
  • Phone Number Validation API: Know which numbers on your list are valid and active
  • Subscription API: Write a few lines of code to automatically launch complex interaction workflows built by your business team
  • Zapier Integration for Subscription API: Trigger the Subscription API via Zapier
  • Voice Results Webhook: Posts the results of an Automated Phone Call in JSON format to your server


Leverage engageSPARK to send Voice or SMS Text Surveys

  • View aggregated insights about your campaigns: (e.g. 33% replied Yes, 67% No)
  • Send questions using SMS Text or Voice Calls
  • Recipients answer by pressing a number on their phone or speaking into their phone
  • Ask customers for feedback or ratings and gather sales information
  • Use airtime top-ups to reward and incentivize

Airtime top ups image description

Airtime Top-up

Leverage engageSPARK to send airtime top-ups to billions of mobile phones worldwide

  • Send as incentive for anyone who completes a survey
  • Provide reimbursement for people to reply to an SMS survey when they need to use airtime
  • Send people a data plan, like 50mb of data to their phone (data top-up)
  • Available in 135 Countries
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Easily import and manage your contacts

Leverage engageSPARK to organize your mobile contacts

  • Bulk Uploading: Import your contacts in Excel or CSV formats at once
  • Manage contacts effectively by creating Smart groups and add as many as 20 filters
  • Personalize SMS using contact’s info (e.g. Dear Jane)
  • Customize contact information.

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Missed Calls

Leverage engageSPARK to allow users to opt-in for free

  • Enable opt-in via Missed Call or SMS
  • Missed Call triggers automatic Voice or SMS text reply
  • No charges for subscribers

Phone Number Validation

Leverage engageSPARK to make sure your numbers are valid before contacting them

  • Scrub your list of mobile numbers
  • Remove deactivated numbers
  • Clean your list with number lookup before contacting them
  • Stop wasting money on messages sent to deactivated numbers

SMS auto reply image description

SMS Auto Reply

Users send an SMS Text with a keyword. We automatically reply with information that you specified.

  • Voters send an SMS Text with the name of their town and receive voting locations
  • Customer sends the name of the town they are in and gets store locations
  • Customer sends in a keyword and gets a list of current promos
  • Farmers send a crop name and receive the current price and best places to sell
  • Health care workers in the field send the name of a disease and receive a list of symptoms and treatments
  • Create an SMS encyclopedia or directory, where people can get information by sending in keywords


Leverage engageSPARK Reports to understand the results of your mobile campaigns

  • View aggregated insights about your campaigns: (e.g. 33% replied Yes, 67% No)
  • Export details about every interaction: (e.g. Sue pressed the number 1 on her phone at 5:45 pm to select a specific message and then listened to it for 4 seconds)
  • Reports are real-time, enabling you to get insights immediately
  • Scale your campaigns effortlessly

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