How To Send an SMS Blast


If you’re thinking about sending one-time simple reminders, announcements, promotional and marketing messages to your contacts – then engageSPARK’s SMS Blast would be perfect for you. It allows you to send personalized messages to multiple contacts in just a few clicks.

3-Step SMS Blast Campaign Wizard

Content Type the message you want to send. Add a touch of personalization by inserting the recipient’s dynamic data such as the first name—click Personalize icon personalization_engageSPARK. Add different language versions if any—click Languages icon languages_engageSPARK. And don’t forget to name your campaign.
Contacts Select individual contacts, groups, or segment to subscribe contacts to the SMS blast campaign.
Confirm Review and select your registered Sender ID from the dropdown. Schedule your message to go out immediately or at a specific date and time in the future. Click Launch Now to set the campaign live or click Save as draft to continue working on it later. 

Ready to see how fast and easy it works? Just follow the steps below:

1. Go to Campaigns tab, look for the plus sign buttonat the upper right corner, and select SMS Blast Campaign.


2. Step 1 (Content) is where you can start composing your message content. You can use the personalization button to personalize your message to each of your contacts – like First Name as shown below. You can also edit your SMS Blast Campaign name here to differentiate it from your future campaigns.


When you click on the personalization button, a list of dynamic data will show up. The data will depend on the custom fields you have in your contacts page.


After composing your message content, click Next to proceed to Step 2 (Contacts).

3. In Step 2 (Contacts), you may select contacts individually by clicking the checkbox beside each contacts. Other options are subscribing contacts by groups or segments (smart groups).


Note: You may opt to not select any contacts yet because you have an option to subscribe contacts later after you launch your campaign (refer to Manage subscriptions for this).

After subscribing contacts or groups, click Next to move to the last step.

4. Step 3 (Confirm) is the last step of your campaign creation. Here you can review your SMS Blast Campaign before you set it live. If you have a registered Sender ID, you can select it from the sender ID dropdown. Otherwise, we will use whatever is the system’s default sender ID for the country where you are sending your message to. (Note: If you want to use your own preferred sender ID, please reach out to customer support to learn more).

From here, you can also schedule when you want your SMS Blast Campaign to go out: immediately or on a specific date and time.


Once done, you can hit Launch Now to go live with your SMS Blast Campaign or Save as draft to continue working on it later.

Note: You can go back to previous steps by clicking the Back button.

Additional Actions

After successfully launching a campaign, you can see it under Campaigns tab.


You will then have access to additional actions that you can do to your campaign.


  • Stop campaign – you can stop your campaign at any point. However, you will no longer be able to set it back to live when a campaign is stopped. But you can still view the report of a stopped campaign and create a copy of it for future use.
  • Manage subscriptions – you can subscribe more contacts to a running campaign. You can subscribe by individual contacts, by groups, or by segments. Just click the subscribe button right beside the contact or group. You can also use the search icon to search for a specific contact or group name.sms_blast_engageSPARKOnce a contact is subscribed, you can unsubscribe them from a campaign at a later point This is also where you can unsubscribe contacts who no longer want to receive your series of messages in a drip campaign.sms_blast_engageSPARK
  • Disable new subscriptions – you can disable new subscriptions per campaign to not allow subscribing contacts or groups after a campaign is launched. You can re-enable new subscriptions per campaign later on.
  • Copy campaign – you can create a copy of a launched, draft, and stopped campaign to re-use the content. If you want to edit the content of a running campaign, you will need to create a copy of it and make your edits in the copy version then stop the original/old campaign.
  • Download Report – this allows you to download your campaign report in excel format. Make sure to click the SMS Log sheet to view the detailed SMS report.





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