SMS Blast

Need to quickly broadcast your message to people not on the Internet in a super easy way? Our SMS Blast wizard can help you reach out to 5 billion people who have no internet access but have mobile phones—whether they are using a basic feature phone aka ‘dumb’ phone, or a smartphone.

Imagine having the power to send information via SMS text message to 5 billion mobile users anywhere in the world. The SMS Blast wizard comes in handy for sending emergency alerts, important reminders, or promo notifications. It can be highly targeted, personalized, and you’d be able to use Sender ID to boost credibility. You can do this in three easy steps with the ability to instantly track results.

Important messages will go straight to their phone’s inbox. In fact, SMS has an impressive open rate of 98% and 90% of those are read within 3-5 minutes. Don’t worry about grey routes because we are integrated with different telcos worldwide using premium quality routes to deliver your SMS text messages.

Additionally, you can have the SMS Blast message available on-demand. Mobile users can self-subscribe to receive your text message by sending an SMS subscription keyword or through the cost-free Missed Call opt-in method.

3-Step SMS Blast Wizard

Content Type the message you want to send. Add a touch of personalization by inserting the recipient’s dynamic data such as the first name—click Personalize. Add different language versions if any—click Languages. Use a Keyword Prefix to differentiate which incoming messages are associated with which engagement for reporting purposes—click Show Settings. And don’t forget to name your engagement.  More about Personalize feature »
Contacts Select contacts or groups OR incorporate a Missed Call Opt-in / SMS Opt-in so people can subscribe to receive the SMS blast message.  More about Step 2 »
Confirm Send your message immediately or schedule in advance. Enter your registered Sender ID field or select another Send route. Click Launch to set the engagement live or click Save as draft to continue working on it later.   More about Step 3 »

Sample Uses

  • SMS Emergency Alerts: Broadcast weather or emergency information and how to prepare.
  • Employee Engagement: Message your staff or employees about upcoming company events or important announcements.
  • Appointment Reminder: Don’t let clients or professional contacts forget about business meetings – create an SMS reminder in advance.
  • Brand Awareness: Send product announcements or special offers to expand customer database and promote customer loyalty.
  • SMS Recruitment Tool: Generate interest, confirm interviews and send follow-ups to fill job vacancies fast.
SMS Blast engagement wizard

SMS Features and Functionality

 Personalize your SMS Blast by inserting the first name and other contact details
 Add other language versions of your text messages
 Different scripts or character-based languages are supported
 Register a Sender ID for your brand or company name
 Trigger an SMS message to be sent after an automated voice call
 Send the text messages to targeted users by creating smart groups
 Information can be accessed on-demand by enabling the Missed Call or SMS Opt-in
 Use of Keyword Prefix to run multiple SMS engagements using the same number
 Determine how many characters were used by looking at the SMS counter
  Schedule in advance or send immediately

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