Phone Numbers:

Incoming SMS Rules

The Phone Numbers page allows you to configure rules on what you want the engageSPARK platform to do when you receive an incoming SMS, an incoming voice call, or a missed call to your virtual number or shortcode. To start configuring rules though, you first need to have a virtual number or a shortcode on your engageSPARK account. If you don’t have one yet, please reach out to our support team to order one or more; use our live chat facility or send us an email to

You have 3 options for configuring rules to your virtual number or shortcode: Incoming SMS Rules, Incoming Voice Rules, and Incoming Voice Campaign. This article focuses on Incoming SMS Rules.

Let’s Start Configuring Incoming SMS Rules

Configuring SMS rules tells us what you want us to do when you receive an SMS to your virtual number or shortcode. As soon as a virtual number or shortcode is added to your account, you can find it when you click the Phone Numbers page.

1. To get started, click the Configure Phone Number button on the number you want to add rules to.


You can have multiple virtual numbers in your account.

2. Click Add New Rule button.

Note: You can edit the name of your virtual number or shortcode.

3. A New Rule section will show up where you can start setting your rules. Select the appropriate radio button of whether you want us to take action on every SMS that the virtual number or shortcode receives or only on every unexpected SMS. After that, select from the dropdown if you want us to take action on an SMS that either equals anything, equals a certain keyword or phrase, or does not equal a certain keyword or phrase.

Then, you can set what action you want us to take if the incoming SMS matches your rule. From the Actions dropdown, you have the following options to choose from:

Make API request – this action allows you to either do a POST or GET request to your endpoint or URL. This is useful if you want us to automatically push or forward the SMS received directly to your specified URL via GET or POST in JSON format. This action is also useful for sending the incoming SMS to Zapier to, for example, automatically add the incoming SMS to a Google Sheet.

Send SMS to contact – this action will trigger an SMS back to the contact.

Send SMS to someone else – this triggers an SMS to contact number/s other than the SMS sender. For example, to notify your team that an SMS came in.

Subscribe contact to campaign – this action automatically subscribes the contact to whichever live campaign you want.

Unsubscribe contact from all campaigns – this automatically unsubscribes a contact from all live campaigns that they are currently subscribed in. For example, you might want to add keywords like “STOP” or “END” to trigger this action.

Update contact – this allows you to update any field in the contacts page for that contact (e.g., Phone number, First name, Language, or any other custom fields you have) with any text you want or with the exact text message you received.

Note: You can add as many actions as you want for your rule.

4. Lastly, hit Save button phone-number-configure-rules-engagespark.

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