What is a virtual phone number?

Virtual Phone Numbers are unique geographical numbers needed to send or receive SMS and Voice messages using engageSPARK’s online platform. This provides people a local number to dial or send SMS text messages to.

In technical terms, it is called Direct Inward Dialing numbers (DIDs) which do not require any physical line or hardware (e.g. SIM card or actual phone unit) to be activated.


What you need to know about virtual phone numbers

  • A virtual number is required for two-way SMS (e.g. Polls and Auto-Replies) and Voice and SMS campaigns which incorporate SMS Opt-in or Missed Call subscription.
  • We offer virtual local phone numbers in 90+ countries. Go to the Pricing page to check cost and availability per country. To know if SMS or Voice numbers are offered for a particular country, scroll down to the Phone Numbers section in the Pricing page.
  • There are no commitments, no minimums or no contracts associated with buying virtual phone (DID) numbers directly from the platform. Our service is usage-based: You only pay per virtual number you purchase; per SMS text you send or receive; and each minute of voice calls you send or receive.
  • Virtual phone numbers can receive an unlimited number of simultaneous SMS text messages and Missed Calls via high-quality routes.
  • Virtual numbers can be SMS or Voice-enabled. SMS numbers can send and receive text messages but do not support voice calls. Likewise, Voice-enabled numbers can send voice messages, receive missed calls or inbound calls, but not SMS. Few countries offer dual-enabled numbers which support both SMS and Voice.
  • The platform does not support call forwarding at the moment, but inbound voice feature is supported in countries that offer Voice-enabled numbers.
  • If a virtual number is currently used for sending out voice calls (outbound), you cannot use the same number to receive inbound calls or missed calls at the same time – and vice versa. To solve this, use the engageSPARK network for sending out voice calls and have your virtual phone number as the Caller ID – so your number will appear on the recipient’s phone.
  • A single virtual number can be active for only one organization at a time. However, you can purchase multiple virtual numbers to work on several two-way SMS or IVR campaigns that require inbound SMS and/or missed calls.
  • Virtual phone numbers purchased directly from our platform will be instantly activated—you can use it immediately to launch two-way SMS or Voice campaigns. Certain countries like the Philippines has special virtual numbers available which require manual setup to be added to your account.
  • Virtual phone numbers likely will not be able to receive SMS activation codes from apps like WhatsApp, Uber, etc., so if you purchase one for this purpose, you are doing so at your own risk and we cannot issue refunds if you try to use a virtual phone number for this purpose.


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