SMS and Voice Rates


What does it cost to send text messages or voice calls in my country?


Our service is pay-per-use, meaning you’re only billed for:

  • each SMS text message you send or receive
  • each minute of Voice calls you send or receive
  • each local virtual phone number you purchase
  • each Missed Call you receive
  • each contact phone number you validate
  • airtime costs for airtime top ups that you send to your contacts

No setup costs or subscription fees are involved in setting up an account. You can start using the engageSPARK platform without the hassle of dealing with cumbersome telco contacts and minimums. There are no tiers or bulk pricing plans; simply purchase prepaid credits and get billed based on usage.  Upon signing up, you’ll receive $0.25 in free credits to explore and test our SMS and Voice features.

To check country-specific SMS and Voice rates, go to the pricing page (default view is based on your location) and enter your program country on the “Show Prices For” field.

To view the pricing breakdown per telco (the end user’s phone service provider), click on  Show Prices for All Telcos  at the bottom part of the page or click on see all link.

To know if SMS or Voice numbers are offered for that country, check the Phone Numbers section. The setup fee and monthly rate are displayed if phone numbers are available or it will state “Contact us to request a Virtual Phone Number” if phone numbers are currently not offered.


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