Engagement Cost


What is the cost of the campaign or messages I sent?



Our billing is pay-per-use which means engageSPARK charges only each outbound voice call answered or for each inbound calls received per minute, each missed call received, and for each SMS text message sent or received. Undelivered messages or unanswered calls are not billed.

To know how much a particular engagement costs, go to its reports page by clicking on the Reports button Reports button on the Engagements dashboard. On the report summary, check the “Cost so far” value which will show how much the engagement has actually cost so far.

The cost will be completely updated once the engagement reaches a “Completed” status or after being “Stopped”, but please note it may take a few minutes for the final and actual cost to be displayed.

The rates may vary depending on the destination country and will also vary depending on each recipient’s telco or mobile operator. You may check out the country-specific pricing page here which by default is based on your location. To change the country, enter the country name on the “Show Prices For” box to view the country-specific SMS and Voice fees. To view the pricing breakdown per telco, click on  Show Prices for All Telcos  at the bottom part of the page.


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