Buying Virtual Local Phone Numbers

A virtual phone number is required when you want to launch two-way SMS campaigns, i.e., where you want your users to be able to send in an SMS Text to you or when you want them to reply to an SMS you send them.
For Voice, a virtual phone number is required for inbound Voice campaigns, i.e., where you want people to call into a phone number and have engageSPARK answer the call and play back an engagement or where you want people to make a missed call to the phone number and have our system immediately call them back or send them an SMS Text message.

Note: There is no need for a virtual phone number for doing outbound Voice calls or IVR.

Voice numbers are available in 90+ countries and SMS numbers in 50+ countries with high-quality routes. The monthly price of local phone numbers varies depending on the program country and features (SMS-enabled, Voice-enabled or dual-enabled).

There are no commitments, minimums or contracts associated with buying virtual phone (DID) numbers directly from the platform. Our billing is usage-based: Pay only per SMS text delivered and/or for each minute of voice calls answered, and per virtual number you purchase–the rental fees will be billed on a month-to-month basis and will be deducted from your existing account balance.

Important! Please note that Virtual phone numbers likely will not be able to receive SMS activation codes from apps like WhatsApp, Uber, etc., so if you purchase one for this purpose, you are doing so at your own risk and we cannot issue refunds if you try to use a virtual phone number for this purpose.

How to purchase a virtual phone number

For now, if you need a virtual phone number, you need to contact our support team and we’ll have one added to your account.

Things to note:

  • If available in your country, you can get dual-enabled numbers (VOICE, SMS) that can send and receive both SMS text and voice call messages.
  • You can assign a Nickname to easily remember or identify the phone numbers linked with the engagements.
  • The Setup fee listed is a one-time fee upon purchase.

If there are no virtual phone numbers listed for your program country, contact support to verify availability.


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