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The actions menu allows you to do so much more with your campaigns by triggering a different set of actions depending on how your contacts progress into your SMS survey or Voice IVR survey campaigns. The actions menu is also available when you create phone number rules in your account. Phone number rules are rules you configure to let the engageSPARK system know how you want it to handle incoming text messages and/or calls.

You can add as many actions as you want within your campaign or your phone number rules.

Play audio message

This action is available for both keypress response and spoken response on Voice IVR survey campaigns. This allows you to play an audio message depending on what your contacts press on their phone keypad as answer to your voice question or right after your contacts record an audio response.

actions menu


Send airtime top-up (mobile credit) to contact

You can trigger this action on both SMS and Voice IVR surveys. This allows you to automatically send an airtime top-up or mobile credit to your contacts at any time depending on their responses to your question. Organizations take advantage of this feature to incentivize contacts for answering a survey. You can either decide to send out airtime before someone answers your survey or right after they complete your survey.



Make API request (Webhook)

This action allows you to either do a POST or GET request to your endpoint or URL. This is useful if you want us to automatically push or forward the SMS received directly to your specified URL via GET or POST in JSON format. This action is also useful for sending the incoming SMS to Zapier, for example, to automatically add the incoming SMS to a Google Sheet.



Send SMS to contact

This action will trigger an SMS back to the contact.



Send SMS to someone else

This triggers an SMS to contact number/s other than the SMS sender. For example, you can use this action to notify your team that an SMS came in.



Subscribe contact to campaign

This action automatically subscribes the contact to whichever live campaign you want.



Unsubscribe contact from all campaigns

You can find this action in the Phone Numbers page where you can configure rules for each phone number you have in your account. This automatically unsubscribes a contact from all live campaigns that they are currently subscribed to. There are 2 ways to trigger this: via invoming SMS rules or via incoming voice call rules. For incoming SMS rules, you need to set keyword triggers. For example, you might want to add keywords like “STOP” or “END” to trigger this action. You can have multiple keyword triggers.

Note: Keyword triggers are not case sensitive. If you set the keyword STOP, the action will still be triggered even if your contacts will send “Stop” or “stop”, etc.



Update contact

This allows you to update any field in the contacts page for that contact (e.g., Phone number, First name, Language, or any other custom fields you have) with any text you want or with the exact text message you received.



Jump to question

The jump to question is a powerful action that allows you to skip certain questions within your SMS or Voice IVR surveys depending on your contacts’ response to your question. With this, you can create branching questions based on different qualifications like sending a different set of questions based on age group, gender, medical history, etc.

Note: You do not need to use Jump to question action if you just want to move to the next question (e.g., from question 1 to 2 or question 2 to 3). It is most useful for skipping certain questions (e.g., from question 1, skip questions 2 and 3, and send/play question 4).



Hangup / End campaign for contact

​You can use this action if you want to end the call or the SMS survey campaign. This is best paired with Play audio message for Voice IVR survey or Send SMS to contact for SMS survey where you are letting your contact know that the survey is now ending for them – in order to end it smoothly and not abruptly.

Hangup action is for Voice IVR campaign:


End campaign for contact is for SMS survey campaign:


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