Forwarding SMS Responses to Google Spreadsheet via Zapier

So you’ve launched your SMS engagements but now you want to see the responses of your end users. You can easily check on it via the Reports page of each of your engagements. It’s also available in your Inbox. But what if you want to have more freedom in customizing your own report and prefers to have the responses forwarded to your Google Spreadsheet? This is possible with Zapier.

Here are the things that you need to set-up: SMS Blast, SMS Webhook, Google Spreadsheet, and Zapier.


Set-up Guide

  1. First, log-in to your account in Zapier. If you don’t have an account yet, you can create one here:
    Note: You can try their 14-day free trial first. Then, if all goes well and you want to keep using Zapier, you can sign-up to their monthly subscription.
  2. You need to integrate your engageSPARK account to your Zapier account. To integrate, send an invite to Zap – follow the instructions on the link below:
    Note: Click the “Click Here” message to send the invite.
  3. Click Connected Accounts in Zapier and search for engageSPARK in the search box.
  4. Follow instructions in:

Creating your first Zap – Zapier

  1. Click the “Make a Zap” button at the center up beside your profile photo – it’s highlighted in orange so it’s hard to miss.

    Note: You can also click Zaps tab.
  2. On the new page, choose “Webhook” as your trigger app.
  3. Hit “Continue”.
  4. Choose “Catch Hook” as trigger since we are going to capture or catch the messages that will be directed to the Zapier URL (more on this later).
  5. Hit “Save + Continue”.
  6. In Set-up options, you don’t have to input anything. Just click Continue.
  7. Click “Copy to Clipboard” to copy Zapier’s URL that we will be using on our webhook engagement.

Creating SMS Blast – engageSPARK

  1. Go back to your engageSPARK account and create a sample SMS Blast engagement.
  2. For test purposes, select your own number as the recipient in Step 2.
  3. Make sure you specify a shortcode in Step 3 so that you can reply to the blast.

    Note: If you don’t have a shortcode yet or virtual number, go here to learn how to purchase a number.
  4. Hit “Launch
  5. Once Blast is received, reply to the message.

Creating SMS Webhook – engageSPARK

  1. Create your SMS Webhook.
  2. In Step 1, paste the copied URL (from Zapier).
  3. Hit “Continue”.
  4. You don’t have to specify any contact on Step 2 because your contacts will be automatically subscribed if they send an SMS to the shortcode.
  5. In Step 3, make sure to set the End time to “never (only if I stop this engagement)”.
  6. Hit “Launch”.

Going back to your Zap – Zapier

  1. Click “OK, I did this” and wait for Zapier to connect to your webhook.
    Note: If it says it can’t find your webhook, you probably missed something from the steps above.
  2. If test shows successful, click “Continue”.
  3. Choose Google Sheets as your action app.
  4. Select “Create Spreadsheet Row”.
  5. Connect to your Google Account and hit “Continue”.
  6. Fill out the template
    a. You need to have your Google Sheet already setup. The template will depend on what columns you specified on your spreadsheet. For this example, I have – First name, Last name, Phone number, and Message.

    b. Select the name of your spreadsheet.

    c. Choose the sheet where you want the responses to be forwarded.

    d. Select From – this is if you want to show respondent’s first name on your sheet.

    e. Select From – this is if you want to show respondent’s last name on your sheet.

    f. Select From – this is if you want to show respondent’s phone number on your sheet.

    g. Select Message – this is the part where you ask Zapier to catch the responses forwarded to your webhook.
  7. Hit “Continue”, “Create & Continue“, and “Finish”.
  8. Lastly, turn on your Zap.

    Note: Once this is turned on, your earlier response to your SMS Blast will be made visible on your spreadsheet.


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