Scheduled Personalized SMS Blast Via Zapier

Did you know that you can send a personalized message to anyone and set it to recur on your preferred schedule? It’s as easy as launching your first SMS engagement. First, you have to make sure that engageSPARk is already connected or integrated to Zapier to allow both platforms to communicate. Click here for the integration process.

To add your personalized message per contact, you would need to create a new column for it in the Contacts page.


New Column for Personalized Message

  1. Go to your Contacts page.
  2. Click the Add Column button and input your column name (i.e., Message)
    Note: You can add as many columns as you want.
  3. After the new column is created, add your personalized message on each of the contacts.

Create Your SMS Engagement

  1. In step 1, you can start personalizing your message by adding “First name”. Then, followed by your personalized message. To do so, just click the Personalize button.

  2. Hit Continue.
  3. In step 2, select the contacts to whom you want your message to be sent to.
  4. Hit Continue.
  5. In step 3, make sure to set your end time to never. That way, your sms will continuously recur on your specified time (more on this with Zapier).

    Note: If you have a sender ID, you can input it on the space provided.
  6. Hit Launch.

Creating a Zap

  1. Login to your Zapier account and click the Make A Zap button.
  2. Choose Schedule under Build-in Apps as your trigger app.
  3. After selecting your trigger app, you will be asked to select a preferred schedule of when you want your sms to recur (every day, every week, every month) – specific day and time.
  4. Once the test is successful, you will get a success message. Then, hit Continue.
  5. The second part will ask you to choose an action app. Search for engageSPARK (currently in beta).
    Note: If you were able to successfully integrate engageSPARK to Zapier, you will be able to see the engageSPARK action app.
  6. Subscribe contact to engagements and hit Continue.
  7. You will be asked to connect your engageSPARK account.

    You would then need to copy and paste your API Key which you can get from your engageSPARK account (Avatar icon > My Profile > Account Settings > API Key):
  8. Once connected, hit Continue.
  9. You will have to provide details about your engagement in a template format as follows:

    This will be the contact number of your recipient in international format.

    You can get your organization ID by clicking the Avatar icon > My organization

    To get this, you would need to go back toy our engageSPARK account and open the reports page of the engagement you created. The engagement ID is the number in the URL after clicking the reports button as shown below:

    After the engagement ID, you will have an option to input the first name and last name of your contact.

  10. Hit Continue.
  11. If all details are correct, you should get a successful message. When you do, you can click the Finish button.
  12. Lastly, turn-on your Zap.


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