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Phone Numbers:
Incoming Voice Campaign​

The Phone Numbers page allows you to configure rules on what you want the engageSPARK platform to do when you receive an incoming SMS, an incoming voice call, or a missed call to your virtual number or shortcode. To start configuring rules though, you first need to have a virtual number or a shortcode on your engageSPARK account. If you don’t have one yet, please reach out to our support team to order one or more; use our live chat facility or send us an email to

You have 4 options for configuring rules to your virtual number or shortcode: Incoming SMS Rules, Incoming Voice Rules, Incoming Voice Campaign, and Incoming WhatsApp Rules. This article focuses on Incoming Voice Campaign.

The difference between Incoming Voice Rules and Incoming Voice Campaign is that latter only has one function: to pick-up incoming calls. It will not hang up and wait to do a callback or SMS back. The system will automatically connect the contact to a running and open Voice Campaign when it picks-up the call.


Let’s Start Configuring Incoming Voice Campaign

Configuring Voice Campaign tells the engageSPARK system that you want us to pick-up the call when you receive a voice call to your virtual number or shortcode and have us connect it to a running and open voice campaign. As soon as a virtual number or shortcode is added to your account, you can find it when you click the Phone Numbers page.

1. To get started, click the Configure Phone Number button on the number you want to add rules to.


You can have multiple virtual numbers in your account.

2. Select Incoming Voice Campaign tab and select the voice campaign you want to link from the dropdown.


Note: If you have Incoming Voice Rules on a phone number and a campaign selected in the Incoming Voice Campaign tab, our system will (1) pick up the call and playback the Voice Campaign and (2) execute the Incoming Voice Rules.

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