Edit Running SMS Blast Engagements

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can update your SMS Blasts? Well, we heard you. You can now start editing your running SMS Blasts! It’s fairly very easy. Just click the edit button on any of your launched SMS Blasts.

After clicking, you’ll be redirected to step 1 of creating an engagement where you’ll see the original message you’ve created.

Things to Note When Editing

  • Only running SMS Blast engagements are editable.
  • Only running SMS Blast engagements launched after September 23, 2017, can be edited.
  • Anything in step 1 and 3 only can be edited – for now. Meaning, you can edit your message in step 1. You can also change the end time, set a sender ID (if you have a registered sender ID), or select a virtual number (if you have one) in step 3.
  • If you want to add contacts or recipients, you would have to subscribe them to that running engagement.
  • If you edit a running engagement and re-launch it, only those newly subscribed and re-subscribed contacts will receive the updated SMS engagement.

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