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Always Available—with an Automated 24/7 Hotline

With a hotline you delight your customers, beneficiaries, program participants, and staff.

  • Allow customers to give feedback, report complaints, or get special offers
  • People request help for violence, emergencies or seek medical assistance
  • Enable your staff to notify you that they’ll be late or absent, or report concerns anytime
  • Choose the best channel for you: SMS, phone call, or WhatsApp

How to Set up Hotlines with Text or Voice

It’s for you—no tech skills required!

  • Get a virtual local phone number (available in 120+ countries)
  • Use our easy 3-step wizards for SMS, Voice, and WhatsApp campaigns
  • Plug this campaign to your hotline phonenumber
Contact us to set up a hotline number for your organization.

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