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We have Promos for your SMS Blast and SMS API Needs in the Philippines

Send and Receive SMS using our Two-Way SMS numbers. Send Smart, Globe, and DITO Load via API.

Send bulk text messages for less. Credits are consumable. Cancel anytime.

Philippines SMS Text Prices

Rates are based on how much you prepay – the more you prepay, the lower your per SMS rate. In addition to the per SMS fee, you will need to be on a Subscription Plan.

**Receiving SMS requires a virtual number with a one-time set-up fee of $25 and monthly fee of $25 for a shared virtual number. The shared virtual number is toll-free, meaning that no load (mobile credit) is deducted from a person’s phone when they text the number.

Why Choose engageSPARK?

  • Pay only for what you use. No contracts required.
  • Built with LOVE in the Philippines. Global coverage.
  • We answer your questions in Tagalog, Bisaya, and English.
  • Customers in 170+ countries including Ayala, Magnum, ADB, UNICEF.

Hear it from our Philippines Customers!

“engageSPARK is a user-friendly platform. It is easy to use and stress-free.”

Ciara, in Real Estate

“Get started within hours—without developers or IT staff!”

“engageSPARK allowed us to get started within hours. Without developers or IT staff we would reach out to our customers using both SMS and Voice in a cost-efficient way. For more advanced solutions, the engageSPARK team have always been there helping us out. engageSPARK made it easy for us to focus on our core business.”

Aron, in Communications

“engageSPARK provides detailed reports”

“engageSPARK provides detailed reports such as name of client, message, time and date sent and contact numbers. These info are important for our reference, especially for overdue accounts notice.”

Joy, in Insurance

Text Blast & Customized Bulk SMS

Boost your SMS marketing campaigns and transactional SMS with the easiest SMS provider in the Philippines!

  • One price for all networks: Globe, SMART, DITO, Sun, TM, TNT
  • Personalize text messages with recipient’s info (e.g., “Hello Jane”) to have a more intimate touch
  • Send SMS from your company’s name (Sender ID) for credibility, trust, and branding

Branded SMS with Sender IDs

Need to get transparent, build trust? Want to avoid the number of unreads? Send SMS using Sender ID.

  • Send SMS from your company’s name (Sender ID) for credibility, trust, and branding
  • It can be an Alpha name with a max length of 11.

Receive SMS Online

Craving feedback? Interact with your customers by allowing them to reply to you—or even start the conversation.

  • Get started easily: All text messages from your clients appear instantly in our web UI
  • Forward text messages from your clients to your CRM or ATS using our easy to use Webhook API
  • Allow your customers to respond using our toll-free, cross-network numbers

SMS Marketing with Drip Campaigns

Email drip campaigns are standard practice in online marketing. They welcome new users and revive drop offs. But why stop there? Use SMS Drip Campaigns to reach every customer.

  • Easy Web App: schedule an SMS series within minutes
  • Add new clients to your campaign, any time – with just click of a button
  • Live Reports: easily understand how your campaign is doing

We Made SMS Easy for You

SMS does not have to be a headache. That’s why we created the easiest Web App out there. Send SMS—straight from your browser.

  • Messages page: It shows you all SMS Texts you sent or received—instantly.
  • Contacts database built into the platform: manage your contacts easily without having to use spreadsheets
  • Launch bulk SMS blasts and SMS surveys to millions with no limits in less than 1 minute

Globe Load API & Smart Load API

Promote products or encourage participation by sending load to your clients—easily with engageSPARK!

  • Send load easily using our Load APIs
  • We support all networks: Globe, SMART, Sun, TM, TNT (and 135+ other countries, too!)
  • Send amounts as low as P5 and as high as P1000
  • Learn more about our International Airtime Product