Recruitment is a complex HR role that could bog down recruiters, especially those doing high-volume hiring. The tasks involved in hiring applicants are not only time consuming but also challenging; from going over candidate profiles to pre-screening potential hires and conducting multiple interviews with them to make sure that you’re bringing the right talent into your organization. These concerns can aggravate when you have a lengthy period for staff recruiting to boot. Altogether, these roadblocks in hiring can cause your company to lose essential resources, like time, money, and the best talent in the wild.

Fortunately, there are ways for you to simplify the hiring process. A streamlined system of attracting and securing the right pool of candidates is what you need so you could focus on other aspects of your recruitment work as well as deliver the best results for your company on time.


4 Surefire Ways to Streamline Your Recruitment Process Infographic by engageSPARK


1. Boost your candidate sourcing.

Candidate sourcing helps you identify potential candidates for a particular position. While there’s no shortage of job applicants in many industries right now, the challenge is in finding where jobseekers are. Millennials mostly use social media to connect not only with their friends but also with potential employers, so you might want to look at social channels when you do candidate sourcing.

Your job ads should include compelling call-to-actions (CTAs), too. Powerful CTAs can help you cut through the noise in the employment space and position your brand in front of job candidates.


2. Amplify referral programs by making them easy to use.

Employee referral is a valuable talent acquisition strategy that you should introduce (if you haven’t yet) in your organization. Employee referrals are considered high-quality candidates since you’re relying on your employees to only refer contacts who they know will be a good fit for the position and organization. Also, hiring via referral is substantially quicker as it lets you skip several steps, such as ad posting and candidate screening.
We can assist you in your employee referral program through Refer. Here’s how it works:

Your HR team sends an SMS to your employees about an open position, and the employees forward the SMS to their friends, colleagues, or family without giving your company the contact details of your potential candidates. Employees can also share a link from you on Facebook and Messenger apps. Interested candidates then forward the text to your assigned toll-free number. By texting to that number, they are in effect opting in to be interviewed for the position. This is a go signal for your team that the candidate consents to be contacted. Alternatively, they can click on the link included in the text to open Messenger where they can instantly submit their application. Every action or update is auto-tracked back to the referring employee who may be eligible for incentives.

It’s worth mentioning that Refer is designed to be an all-inclusive type of hiring tool. Although we’re living in a digital world, a lot of people, including job candidates, are on free data who can’t have full access to online services. By making Refer available via SMS sharing, we’re making it possible for every tech-savvy millennial to find out about job opportunities in your company. No one gets left behind, even the so-called “free-lennials.”


3. Use technology to pre-qualify leads and automate your screening interviews.

Technological innovations are working wonders for HR. For one, it allows you to filter your database of candidates so you could identify those who are qualified for a position based on certain qualifying factors, such as age, education, and relevant work experience.

Here’s where an applicant tracking system can give you tremendous benefits.

Our Lead Pre-Qualification System, can auto-call leads for you, asking them basic questions to assess their interest in and qualifications for the job. Once our system has a pre-qualified lead for you, you will receive notifications on your dashboard in real-time, enabling you to manage your hot leads in a timely manner.

You could also use mobile apps, such as Facebook Messenger for example, to facilitate screening and partial interviews of candidates with your HR team.

Through our AppChat, your online ads are driven into a targeted Messenger flow that automatically pre-qualifies your leads. This feature is especially helpful in helping you achieve two things – having a dedicated place to receive the leads automatically and then pre-qualifying them as well as being able to measure the ROI of each ad.


4. Utilize multiple touch points in engaging your leads.

The competition in finding talent can be really tough, but you cannot let it hamper your candidate engagement efforts. You have at your disposal several options to reach out to candidates via ads, SMS, Voice, or Facebook Messenger – each of which can be leveraged to help you initiate conversations or improve your relationship with future employees.

Improve the efficiency and speed of your recruitment process by integrating these tips in your strategy. Check out the services and solutions that we offer today!