At engageSPARK we know you do a lot to engage with hard-to-reach populations on a daily basis, and it is our job to make the process as breezy as possible. 

Whether you are creating an SMS survey, an IVR survey, a WhatsApp survey or any other sort of campaigns that are available on our platform, it can be a process that requires some trial and error. Changing things, moving things around and constantly editing functions according to your beneficiaries responses. 

Sometimes keeping track of all the changes can be tough, especially if you have various team members working on the same campaign. Imagine you’ve created the perfect SMS survey and right before launching you notice something’s wrong. Did someone else from the team change something? What did they change? You’re on a deadline and looking back at every detail will be time consuming!

Breathe. It’s all good, we’ve got you covered: today we’re announcing the Audit Log in the engageSPARK platform. 

Why is auditing important?

Auditing is important because it helps give credibility to your work as well as helping provide users with confidence knowing that the movements made in their account are transparent. It can also help companies improve their internal controls which in turn makes your processes more efficient. Likewise, it makes back tracking a lot easier.

So lets go ahead and take a look at this new feature on our platform:

On the top right corner of the page, click on your icon:

header image

 Then from the drop down menu click on Organization. 

organization close up image

There you will see a tab called Audit Log. 

audit log placement image

From there it’s as easy as it looks, you simply have to choose the dates you’re looking to audit. Then just go ahead and download your report.

audit log steps image

You will see that the report itself is also very easy to read and will tell you of the activity going on in your account and who did what (the IP address on this example has been manually removed):

example of audit log

Let us know what you think about this new feature. Talk to us via our live chat or contact us via email!