SMS templates for marketing

At engageSPARK we are often asked for advice on how to write effective messages for SMS marketing, which prompted us to write this article about using SMS templates for marketing.

While SMS marketing benefits from a very high opening rate (much higher than Email marketing, for example), its major disadvantage is that you have to get a compelling message across in a few words. Unlike all other written marketing channels currently available, you can’t use any visual media to support your message, and have to achieve your objective with only few characters of writing.

The power of SMS marketing

If SMS marketing suffers from the handicap of brevity, why bother using it in the first place, you might ask? Well, as mentioned above, SMS text messages enjoy a much higher opening rate than all other marketing channels, and because they are short, they are easily read to completion. That means they offer a unique opportunity to reach target users with a strong marketing message, which you might not be able to get across in any other way.

That’s why we’ve created smart features for SMS on our mobile marketing platform. They allow you to set up template messages (similar to the ones listed below), and then populate specific parts of them with personalized information (e.g. name, company, address, etc.). That means you can upload the data of your contacts, and our system will automatically customize the template messages that you schedule for sending out.

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Examples of SMS templates for marketing

Here are some examples, each with a template message:

Promote local events

You can use geographically targeted SMS campaigns to promote events such as conferences, seminars, or workshops.

– “Learn how to promote your Startup on a lean budget. Join our workshop at the local seminar center on May 9th. Call us at 555-1234 to book your ticket.”

Promote a new product launch

If you’re launching a new product or feature, you can alert your subscribers via text message.

– “We’re excited to launch a new feature on our platform that will revolutionize your Facebook marketing and triple your ROI. Visit to learn more.”

Promote sales with coupons

Drive sales in your stores or online shop by sending coupons codes to subscribers via SMS.

– “Get 30% discount on all our electronic products. Use coupon code xtr9pm to receive discount when you make a purchase of $100 or more.”

Alert customers to special offers

Drive users to take action by letting them know a special offer is about to expire.

– “Buy any item from of our summer collection and receive a second one for free. Special offer valid only until May 30th.”

Drive visitors to your website

Since it’s possible to insert a hyperlink into Text Messages, you can use SMS campaigns to drive traffic to your website.

– “Visit to receive a free gift and learn about our best promo deals for your summer vacation.”

Promote newsletter subscription

Use SMS messages to drive users to subscribe to your Email Newsletter.

– “Sign up today at to receive weekly news on special deals that are only available to subscribers.”


As you’ve probably realized by now, the possibilities for using SMS marketing messages to drive specific actions are endless. When strong SMS marketing messages are used in combination with other marketing channels, they are part of a formidable toolset to boost the success of your marketing strategy.

At engageSPARK, our 3-step wizards allow you to quickly create SMS marketing campaigns, without training or tech skills, making it the easiest tool for SMS marketing available. Make sure you sign up and test our platform for free.

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