We unveiled an exciting new feature in December which I think you will love. This feature allows you to send calls, texts, and surveys in multiple languages.

In January, we introduced the CATI survey (Computer-assisted telephone interviewing) in the engageSPARK platform. Now, you can survey your program participants via SMS, Voice calls, WhatsApp, and through CATI – all in one platform.

December 2021


New Feature

Multi-Language Campaigns


Sending out messages to your contacts can be challenging especially when they speak different languages. With Multi-Language Campaigns, you can now very easily configure your SMS Survey, Voice IVR Survey, and Drip campaign to support whatever language your contacts speak and understand.

Read more about it how to send calls, texts, and surveys in multiple languages.


Customer Highlight

Philippines: 120,000+ text messages sent to support humanitarian efforts during Typhoon Odette (Rai)


Photo by Denniz Futalan from Pexels

The Philippines was struck by a powerful and catastrophic category 5-equivalent super typhoon. Multiple islands in the country and their residents have been affected. Several non-profit organizations and businesses used the engageSPARK platform to blast out text messages to their contacts to warn them of impending landfall and areas affected. In the aftermath of the super typhoon, organizations also pushed out messages requesting donations for families affected by the calamity.



Watch out for Future Promotions


Photo by Monstera from Pexels

Thanks to all our customers who participated in our end-of-year promo—you have already received a bonus credit in your engageSPARK account. Watch out for future promotion announcements on our newsletters. 😉

Learn more about our December 2021 year-end promo.

January 2022


New Feature

Live Interview using CATI Survey (Computer-assisted telephone interviewing)


CATI Survey—short for Computer-assisted telephone interviewing—is a way of collecting data where an interviewer calls a participant’s phone number, follows a questionnaire on their computer and records responses within the system. It is an efficient method of surveying hard-to-reach populations for quantitative research.

We are introducing CATI Survey so you can easily call your contacts and interview them anytime. You can assign a group of contacts to your interviewers so they only interview those assigned to them and then set pre-defined questions that they must follow while on the call.

Even more, your interviewers can place calls from within your browser—while still using the full power of our global voice platform. No more managing physical phones and the hassle that goes along with them.

The CATI Survey is still in the very early stage and we are adding more and more features to it each week.

Do you have questions, or want to see how it works? Schedule a demo now.



Check out your Account’s Billing Page


There are a lot of things you can do on your engageSPARK account’s billing page. You can create a pro-forma invoice, top-up your account via credit card, enable autorecharge, download payment e-receipts, and download your monthly usage statements. We’ve summed this all up in a short video.

Watch the video on YouTube as we walk you through the different things you can do on the Billing page.


Customer Highlight

Transcom Philippines uses SMS for Applicant Notifications and Reminders


Photo by William Fortunato from Pexels

Other than research universities and non-profit organizations, different businesses also use engageSPARK in a variety of use cases. One of our clients is Transcom in the Philippines – an international business process outsourcing (BPO) company. They regularly push out SMS notifications and reminders to applicants to guide them through the application process.

Interested to know how else you can use engageSPARK? Talk to us.


Bonus Read

E-receipts got an Upgrade


We know how important payment receipts are for your organization’s accounting. That is why we added more details in your downloadable payment e-receipts for credit card payments. You can now see the card name and last 4 digits of the credit card you used for payment.

Try downloading your e-receipts from your account.

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Thank you for using engageSPARK!