sms toll free shortcodes


SMS shortcodes for texting are toll-free phone numbers (also referred to as reverse-billed numbers) that allow your customers or clients to send you text messages at no cost to them. In other words, when a person sends an SMS to your shortcode, no load is deducted from their account. Using SMS shortcodes can support your SMS marketing campaigns by allowing customers to interact with your brand without having to pay for it.

Mobile marketing made easy with the engageSPARK self-service dashboard

engageSPARK is a self-service platform that allows anybody to use 3-step wizards from a web browser to create SMS Text and Automated Phone Call Blasts, Surveys/Polls, IVR, Reminders, Curriculums, and SMS Auto Reply campaigns fast and easy. After purchasing an engageSPARK toll-free SMS shortcode, you can set up SMS or Voice messages that are automatically triggered when a person sends an SMS to your shortcode.

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We are very excited to offer toll-free SMS shortcodes to our customers in the Philippines. Setting up a toll-free shortcode has a low monthly cost and a small charge per message sent. As a marketing tool, SMS shortcodes are extremely cost-efficient since they generate a high response rate from clients for a smaller budget. If your intention is to boost your marketing presence in the Philippines, a toll-free SMS shortcode is exactly what you need.

How to use toll-free SMS shortcodes to revolutionize your marketing

With the engageSPARK platform, you can use SMS shortcodes for many powerful purposes. For example, you could run automated phone call (IVR) surveys, which would be free for users. They would send an SMS to your shortcode, and that would trigger an automated response call with your survey questions. Following each question, the user responds by pressing keys on their phone (e.g., “press 1 for yes, press 2 for no”) or by speaking a response into their phone. Needless to say, this is a very potent data collection tool, especially because it makes the interaction 100% free for your users.

SMS shortcodes enable users to subscribe to any automated campaign for free. Once they send a message to your shortcode, you can send them a series of text messages and/or automated phone calls marketing your product or services. For example, you can alert them to special deals or give them promo codes that can be used in your stores.

A great way to use the power of SMS shortcodes is to conduct SMS polls enabling customers to send a text for free to your number, and then to ask for feedback or ratings, and gather sales information. Another powerful variation of this are SMS text auto-replies: a user sends an SMS to your toll-free shortcode and then gets an automatic reply with the information you specified (for example, if someone texts in the name of a neighborhood, we automatically send them back an SMS with the details of your store locations in that area and opening hours).

The benefits of SMS shortcodes for your brand

Toll-free shortcodes are a powerful tool for lead generation, since users can opt in for free, and can be motivated to do so with coupon codes or other giveaways as an incentive.

SMS shortcodes make a credible brand for you. It generates the impression that your company is large and professional, and makes your brand more reliable. A credible brand image is a marketing tool in itself. As they say, the best form of advertising is a reputable name. It is more likely to entice people to do business with your company and using a toll-free number can make huge progress in that area. Building a credible image is an essential part of any marketing strategy, and by allowing people to contact you for free throughout the Philippines, you establish your presence as a national brand.

Your clients feel valued. People are always on the lookout for the best deals, and the most cost-effective ways to purchase desired products or services. By using a toll-free SMS shortcode, you show your customers that they mean enough to you to give them a free option to engage with your brand or product. This demonstrates you are willing to go the extra mile to enable communication with your customers, no matter where they are.

Are you ready to discover the power of toll-free SMS shortcodes for your marketing? Sign up for free now to test them with the engageSPARK platform.


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