Ready for the three famous(ly boring) Daily Standup questions? Here they come:

What did I do?

What will I do?

Any obstacles?

Two parts information, one part helping, this cocktail is all about what we’re working on. Our Daily Scrum questions help us to sync up on our tasks. That’s great for a co-located team: Arguably, the biggest issue is information flow.

For a remote team, that’s no longer true because we’re missing something now, being apart: No more coffee corner chats, no water cooler talk and no going for beers in the evening. Information flow is no longer the biggest issue; forging a team is.

What’s a team again? Ah, yes, a bunch of people working together torwards a common goal. Working is easy. Working together, in the same direction, that’s hard. So, we at engageSPARK changed what the daily standup is about.

Not what you did, but who helped you. Not what you’ll do or what obstacles you’re facing, but who can help you move faster.

Not what, but who: For a remote team, the daily standup is about people. And its about helping each other (which arguably is also about people). As for information, it turns out that information flows naturally, when people care about and help each other.