The constant evolution of technology has been forcing businesses to adjust their processes and be more effective in delivering quality services or risk getting left behind.

The advancements are certainly triggering change across industries, particularly in the talent acquisition department, where trends are emerging—altering the landscape of the recruitment process and prompting you to find better recruiting solutions.

To make the necessary adjustments in your recruiting strategy, you must first identify these trends. These trends will help you determine how to adapt and improve your process to stay at the top of your game in acquiring the right talent for your job vacancies.


Candidate Experience

Candidate experience is a job candidate’s overall perception of your company’s talent acquisition process based on what the candidate feels, how he or she behaves, and the attitudes he or she experiences during the whole recruitment process—from sourcing to onboarding.

The job market has evolved and become ‘candidate-driven,’ which means you don’t have to pick talent anymore since talent now picks you. This makes candidate experience a key trend you have to improve on to attract top talent.

Ultimately, candidates who’ve had a pleasant experience will be more likely to sign up, try to apply again in the future, and even refer another talent to your company.


Personal Brand Enhancement

Jobseekers are starting to improve their personal branding by being more engaging through video content embedded on their professional social media profiles. This may attract hiring managers and recruiters as it gives a more in-depth look into their field of expertise.


Social Recruitment

Social media is one of the most popular channels used in recruitment, and it appears it won’t be dying down anytime soon. Social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and even Facebook serve as prime locations to attract and hire talents.


Mobile Recruitment

With most people being active users of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, your reach is much wider. Mobile is the first device they reach for when they wake up, and the last they put down before going to bed—listing mobile recruitment as one of the top trends that you should ride on.


Automation Tools

Technology has helped industries make tasks easier and more efficient through automation. Modern recruitment processes involve the use of an applicant tracking system that filters job applications based on specific criteria you want to seek from job candidates.

More advanced tools use artificial intelligence (AI) that makes use of algorithms for skills analysis and talent mapping to help identify the right talent faster and more efficiently.


All these trends will indeed have a huge influence on your whole recruitment process, so you are bound to adapt and level up your strategy.

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