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Changing financial habits, one call at a time.

Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation, in partnership with ideas42, pushed out weekly automated voice calls to educate microentrepreneurs in the Philippines. Using engageSPARK’s automated Voice Blast system, they sent close to 70,000 pre-recorded calls to 4,014 participants in 5 and a half months as part of their financial literacy training program that aims to equip participants with best practices on saving and budgeting.


Hello API Users: New API Documentation!

Do you use (and hopefully love) our APIs? If so, you’ll be happy to hear that we’ve overhauled our API documentation—and it’s got a new home, too.

Even at first glance, it’s a big change, right? Aside from the new look and feel, you’re now getting a consistent and detailed guide to all APIs, including their payloads and responses.

Under the hood, we’re now using OpenAPI to generate this documentation. This specification is available for download under the below link, too—if your tools support this, you can generate the client-side code from it. (Or ask ChatGPT to do it.)

As usual, please reach out to our friendly customer support team if you have any questions or suggestions.


A talking device for illiterate populations

Most African languages are primarily oral rather than written. Many of our customers know how this can complicate communication with these populations—and how engageSPARK helps in overcoming these obstacles to remote data collection.

However, when you’re running projects with boots on the ground, then you may have different requirements, and in our effort to keep us and you up to date with developments in this space, today we’d like to mention the Talk Book, a project by AMPLIO.

The talk book is a sturdy hand-held device that allows direct communication with speakers of native dialects by enabling users to record and distribute audio files in local languages. It is durable, runs on disposable batteries, and works completely offline.


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