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NRI assesses dietary diversity in remote Uganda using 88-question IVR survey

The University of Greenwich’s Natural Resources Institute (NRI) studied whether automated phone surveys (IVR) could replace in-person interviews for dietary research in remote parts of Uganda, focusing on women and children.

Despite challenges like low literacy and little tech knowledge, they reached 156 women-child pairs, with 116 completing the survey.

The survey had 88 questions, took 23 minutes on average to complete, and cost $12.85 per completed survey.

Each completed survey had 71 questions answered on average!

URI concluded that IVR phone surveys are a cost-effective and powerful way to gather data in hard-to-reach areas.

WhatsApp surveys for humanitarian projects and academic research

The digital divide means the disparity between individuals who have access to reasonably priced, dependable internet access services and the knowledge and tools required to benefit from that access and those who don’t.

For example, rural communities are significantly more likely to be shut off from mobile and high-speed internet access technology than city dwellers, this is a problem in many countries. This causes a great division among countries, continents, low-income families, and even between loved ones. This is the fundamental tenet of the digital divide.


IVR or SMS? Which one should you use?

If you’re not sure whether to use IVR or SMS, you’re not alone: Unilever faced the same question in Indonesia. After sending around 26,000 SMS and IVR messages and questions to about 4,000 people, Unilever found that IVR performed better than SMS—on every metric—including cost per survey!


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