Have you been using engageSPARK’s all-new platform? How about launching an SMS drip campaign? If you have, you may have already noticed that we’ve added some cool new features.

If not yet, then keep reading because you’re not gonna regret it – I swear!

Now before we get down to it, for those who are not yet familiar with SMS Drip Campaign, you may want to read our first blog about SMS Drip here.

Announcing new features

Personal and customized

engageSPARK’s SMS Drip Campaign now allows you to add personalizations in your SMS drip messages. Personalizations such as:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Language
  • Phone Number

So next time you send out an SMS drip, you can add a dynamic contact first name (or whichever personalization you want to use) so each of your recipients will receive it with their first name like so:


You want more?

In the coming weeks, you’ll be able to insert any contact field for even more personalized messages. So, if you want to add fields like Age, Gender, or Account Balance into your messages – or even a Message field where each contact has an entirely personalized, different message – it’ll be possible!

Unsubscribe contacts

When we first launched the SMS drip campaign, we were flooded by questions like

  • “What if someone no longer wants to receive my SMS drip of messages that go out over 6 months?”
  • “How can I unsubscribe a contact from a series of messages?”

Well, we heard you.

To unsubscribe contacts, just go to Manage subscriptions of your SMS drip campaign.


Then, under individual contacts, you have the option to:

  • subscribe new contacts
  • unsubscribe contacts that are currently subscribed (you can use the search tool in the right-hand corner to search for a specific number).
  • re-subscribe contacts who were previously unsubscribed (in case your user changed their mind) or to whom you want to send the entire SMS Drip campaign again.


More upcoming features

We are not stopping here.

Our team is continually getting feedback and feature requests from customers and brainstorming about new features and upgrades for the new interface to serve our global customers’ needs. In the coming months, we’ll be rolling out these additional features in the new engageSPARK platform:

1. Super Drip Campaign (we’re still coming up with the right name for it 😊): a drip campaign with both SMS and Voice messages PLUS the ability to ask questions via SMS and Voice:

Example Scenario:

a. Send 1st message (SMS)

b. Wait 2 days

c. Send 2nd message (Voice call)

d. Wait 1 week

e. Send 3rd message, but as a question (2-way SMS)

i. Based on their response, send an immediate reply, e.g., if they reply with 1 for YES, we send back, “Great job!” and we immediately send them an airtime (prepaid phone credit) top-up. If they reply 2 for NO, we send back, “Sorry, you may want to try again next time”.

f. Wait 3 days

g. Send 4th message (SMS)

h. Wait 2 hours

i. Send 5th message, but as a question (Voice IVR)

i. Based on their keypress response, play an immediate reply, e.g., if they press 1 for YES, play a message that says, “Keep up the good work. Goodbye for now.” If they press 2 for NO, playback, “Sorry to hear, but keep trying and you’ll get there! Goodbye for now.” And we immediately send them an airtime top-up.

2. Automated Opt-in/Opt-out via SMS to/from Drip Campaign

3. Maternal Health Drip Campaign

What do you think of this feature line-up?

We want to hear from you. Do you have a specific feature you want us to prioritize or consider? Let us know by emailing us at HelpTeam@engageSPARK.com or by live chatting with us. Just click the little blue chat icon on the bottom right of your screen.

Ready to get started? Log-in to your account and check out these new features.