How many of your automated phone surveys have been left uncompleted because the call got disconnected accidentally? Don’t you wish you could have just called right back and continued where the survey left off?

We’ve got you covered. Make way for engageSPARK’s Voice IVR’s Reconnect Call. confetti_ball

What this new feature does is just that: it automatically calls your contact back if they got disconnected in the middle of answering a survey. The callback starts at the last question where the call got disconnected.

What all this means: The survey participant saves time, and you save money—without any extra work. 

Some of our clients who already started using the Voice IVR Reconnect Call feature have reported a significant increase of completed surveys between 28% to 183%. 

Setting up Voice IVR’s Reconnect Call

You can find this in the last step of creating an IVR campaign after you’ve put together your audio messages and questions.

Watch our Youtube video

Watch our quick 2-minute video about Voice IVR’s Reconnect Call on our Youtube channel:

Do you have questions about reconnect calls? As always, you can chat with us through our live chat.