Many companies integrate an employee referral program in their recruitment process. It has been a popular cost-effective method of acquiring more qualified candidates since it relies on employees to help find the right applicants for the company.

While there are a lot of benefits that recruiters can glean from implementing an employee referral program, there are also existing pains that make it tough to successfully implement. The key is to identify each of them to provide the right solutions for your recruitment woes.

If you have no system in place, you will have a hard time generating your desired quality leads; and with the absence of a referral program, employees won’t have the opportunity to easily reach and refer those who they think are qualified to give it a shot.

Tracking all your referrals can also be painstaking due to the sheer amount of work needed to stay on top of things, including updating your employees who would want to know the status of their referrals, so they could find out if they are eligible for incentives offered by your company. Most importantly, measures should be taken to ensure that your employee referral program is compliant with Data Privacy Law which imposes serious sanctions to violators.

If you are looking for the most effective recruitment solutions to take care of these issues, we have the answers.

  • Automated, hassle-free system

Through Refer, our automated and hassle-free system, your employees can get updated with the status of their referrals through their mobile phones. They can even avail of this service without the use of the internet through text messages via free SMS.

  • Referrals completely tracked for you

With Refer’s automated applicant tracking system, it can track back all the referrals easily to the person who referred them so that you don’t have to do all the tedious work, making it simple and easy for you.

  • Generate new leads

The system allows employees to generate new leads through sharing. A push notifications feature for potential candidates who may be qualified in a job is currently under development and coming soon.

  • Real-time notifications

Emails are also sent in real time to keep recruiters up-to-date on latest referrals and when a qualified candidate has applied. There is also an online dashboard containing a database that is updated in real time showing applicants who have already applied for a position and their status.

  • Data privacy compliant

The Data Privacy Act aims to protect an individual’s personal data in both information and communication channels in the government and private sector.

The system engageSPARK utilizes is compliant to the data privacy law and makes sure the rights of data subjects are protected along the process.



These topnotch services are provided by our Refer program, which is one of the best recruitment solutions to give your referral program a nice boost. We execute a highly effective system that utilizes multiple channels to expand recruiters’ reach and engage individuals more effectively.

Our solutions make it easier for those involved to take part in the program through our Turn-key system, which eliminates all the obstacles that face employees who want to refer their friends. It tracks referrals automatically while keeping incentives in mind, making it the best approach to boosting your referral program.