Candidate sourcing is a time-consuming and costly process for any recruiter or employer, from the moment a seat or position opens up to that time when the perfect candidate signs on the dotted line.

These days, recruiters employ different platforms and use an automated recruiting system to streamline their process and reach their target candidates. But, the bigger argument is – how do you know if your candidate sourcing campaigns are successful?

Here’s a checklist you can follow to ensure the success of your candidate sourcing efforts.


6-Point Checklist for Successful Sourcing (With Infographic) - engageSPARK

1. Have a Sourcing and Channel PLAN

Before diving into recruiting talents, you first need to have a solid plan. Determine the open positions you need to recruit for, then carefully prepare the job description so that you can prioritize the key requirements for each position. This plan will help you outline your ideal candidate personas.

Who is the perfect candidate for the position? Are they currently employed but looking for better opportunities or are they fresh graduates looking to find their career path?

Make sure your goals are aligned. Once your goals are aligned, you can ensure that all your ads on different channels and platforms will have a cohesive voice that will attract the ideal applicants.


2. Identify Specialized Sourcing Tools and Techniques

In this digital age, there are a wide variety of technological tools that will help you streamline your recruitment process – use them wisely!

You have your applicant tracking system and lead prequalification methods. You can even apply the use of AppChats and bots to determine whether your leads are qualified for the position instantly.


3. Prepare Recruitment Advertisement

Once all goals and strategies are outlined, you can now create your recruitment advertisements and job opportunity marketing materials.

Spread word about your open positions! Publish your ads in online and offline platforms to cast a wider net, but choose your channels wisely. Being on the right platforms where your ideal candidates can best find you will help you attract the right talents.

Remember, it’s not how many applications come through. It’s about the quality of applicants you are getting.


4. Pre-screen Candidates Efficiently

Because you want quality over quantity, pre-screening candidates quickly is one of your top priorities. AppChats, bots, and an efficient pre-screening system will allow you to determine which applicants deserve your time instantly.

With the right tools in place, it’s like you have a magic sorting hat that instantaneously lets you know if a candidate is qualified the moment they engage with your ad!


5. Develop the Candidate Slate

What exactly are you looking fo in a candidater? Each recruiter may have a subjective take on a candidate’s qualifications. A candidate slate will not only outline the objective versus individual criteria, but will allow recruiters to have a specific set of requirements to look for such as educational background, professional experiences, skills, job-seeking status, or availability.

Individual signs are also crucial in determining whether a candidate is fit for the position. These include culture fit, potential growth within the organization, personal and professional goals, and more.


6. Track the Right Sourcing Metrics

You and your team may know what your metrics are. But, it would make your sourcing strategy more efficient and effective if you can reconcile conversion for channels that previously can’t be quantified.

You’ve sent out multiple ads on a wide variety of platforms. You have billboards, flyers, radio or TV ads, PPC ads, social media ads, but how do you know which one generates the most leads, and which one gets the highest conversion?

Use an automated recruiting system that will allow you to measure ROI by ad and source. Were you able to shorten your time-to-hire? Has the candidate experience improved? These metrics are essential in determining the success of your sourcing strategy.


Wrapping Up

When it comes to hiring and recruitment, it’s not about acquiring the highest volume of applicants – it’s about attracting the right candidates who are fit for the job and the company in the shortest time possible. As such, employers and HR teams invest in automated recruiting systems to help them achieve these.

However, not all platforms enable you to funnel all your leads from multiple channels into one automated recruiting system that can accurately track ROI and conversion. With applicantENGAGE, you can do all these! Simplify your candidate sourcing strategies through a dynamic so that you can attract the perfect candidate and shorten your time-to-hire while reducing the cost for each talent you acquire.