Are you currently running SMS surveys or Voice IVR surveys on the engageSPARK platform? Or interested in creating one soon? Great news! Our September issue covers SMS surveys and Voice IVR surveys.

Read below how one of our customers used engageSPARK’s Voice IVR survey on a project in the Democratic Republic of Congo. And other highlights you don’t want to miss



Customer Highlights

Understanding COVID-19: 31,000+ Random Phone Numbers in DRC Surveyed

A university in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in partnership with one of the leading research schools in the UK, surveyed over 31,000 random phone numbers – an approach commonly used in public health research called Random Digit Dialling (RDD). They used Voice IVR surveys in asking demographic questions like the place of residence and the language that they speak. Whoever responds will then receive an in-person call from the research team for a more in-depth 20-minute interview.

The research aims to understand the impact of COVID-19 in DRC.

2,115 Rwandan Coffee Farmers Receive Farming Tips per SMS

One of the nonprofit organizations we are working with launched a weekly SMS campaign to coffee farmers in Rwanda to educate 2,115 farmers on different farming tips like erosion control, compost preparation, and how to set up planting holes for higher yields.



Your Ultimate SMS Survey Cheat Sheet

We’ve put together an SMS survey guide to answer the 3 most asked questions: when to use an SMS survey, who uses SMS survey, and what are the best practices for creating SMS surveys.

Check out engageSPARK’s ultimate SMS Survey Cheat Sheet on our blog.


Support Articles

What happens to SMS messages when your contact’s phone number has no signal?

We help businesses, organizations, and research universities engage with hard-to-reach populations who rarely have internet access or don’t have access to the internet at all. That means relying heavily on Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) for the message delivery.

But what happens to the SMS text messages you broadcast if a mobile phone loses network signal? Or what if the phone is turned off? We answered all that in our support article on what happens if a phone has no signal or is turned off.

5 things you can do on the Billing page

Being able to keep track of your expenses and generate reports is a necessity for businesses and organizations alike. That’s why at engageSPARK we give you the power to do just that and more! In your engageSPARK organization’s Billing page, other than allowing you to add credits to your account, you can create proforma invoices, enable automated recharge, download payment receipts, and download monthly usage statements.

Read all about engageSPARK’s billing page in our support article.




User Invite

In any security-conscious organization, sharing the same username and password to access your engageSPARK account is a big No-No. We made it easier for you to invite team members to your engageSPARK organization so they too can create their user profiles.

Watch the video on YouTube as we walk you through how you can easily add new users to your engageSPARK account.

Improved Contacts Page

We made a few more changes to the Contacts page and added some really cool new features like re-arranging your custom fields and hiding/unhiding them. Check out the new additions on engageSPARK’s Contacts page on our YouTube channel.


Bonus Read

All you need to know about engageSPARK’s SMS Survey in one page

We’ve launched a product page for SMS surveys that explains the benefits of running SMS surveys and tells you how businesses, non-profit organizations, and research universities use engageSPARK’s SMS Survey feature to educate and get feedback from their contacts.

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