You can now call your contacts live on the engageSPARK platform. The engageSPARK team proudly introduces this new feature that opens up yet another way for you to do surveys and gather feedback on the field.

If that’s not enough to get you excited, we are bringing back our year-end promo where you get 15% bonus credit every time you add credit to your engageSPARK account. There’s more below so be sure to continue reading.😉 ​


New Feature

It’s like Skype: Talk to your contacts from your browser










You can now call your contacts and have a one-on-one conversation with them. It works the same way as when you make Skype phone calls. You can start using this new feature for live phone interviews and for computer-assisted telephone interviews (CATI).

Watch the video as we explain engageSPARK’s live phone calls.



engageSPARK CEO at NetHope’s 20th Anniversary Global Summit



Our CEO, Avner Mizrahi, joined this year’s Nethope’s global summit as one of the speakers where he talked about how organizations engage the 4.7 billion people who are offline using the engageSPARK platform. 

Read on our blog what the Nethope summit is about.


Customer Highlight

engageSPARK used in 170+ Countries


engageSPARK is used by small, medium, to large businesses, nonprofit organizations, research universities worldwide. By the end of November, we’ve already sent messages and phone calls to over 170 countries in total.

For people who don’t have constant access to the internet or don’t have access at all, we help organizations bridge that gap—all over the globe.



Get 15% more credit until January 1st

We are ending the year by offering you more savings for your budget. Get 15% bonus credit every time you add credit to your engageSPARK account from December 3 to January 1, 2022. The bonus credit will be added to your account by January 2nd.

Learn more about our December 2021 year-end promo and how you can avail of it.


Bonus Read

All you need to know about Voice IVR Survey, Call Blasts, and Airtime Top-ups (mobile credit)

We’ve launched 3 new product pages on our website that explain the benefits of running Voice IVR surveys, how organizations use call blasts, and why airtime top-ups (mobile credit) are an easy way to incentivize your contacts to participate in different programs.

Check them all out! ​


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