Talent acquisition is the main driving force that fuels your profession, so you try to utilize all the available channels to recruit the right talent as part of your recruiting solutions. But as much as you want to convince job seekers to respond to your posting, there are times when you get little to no response, which lowers your chances of having the best talent for the position sign with your team. This might lead you to wonder if something is missing with your recruitment strategy.

Despite using the right words to make the perfect pitch for the position being offered, all this can be rendered ineffective if you miss out on one key element in your ad — CALL TO ACTION. You might find this inconsequential, but this one little element can spell the difference between choosing from just a small pool of applicants and having a hard time deciding which highly qualified candidate to hire.

Job advertisements should be treated as part of a marketing strategy to get the most number of applicants possible, so including an effective call to action is crucial in boosting your chances of hiring the best person for the job. But just like the other ads that make you want to buy a product, there is a right way to do this, so here are a few tips to keep in mind when making your job ads:


1. Overall design must be attractive

This goes with any kind of ad for obvious reasons. You would want candidates to draw their eyes towards what you have to say, so make sure they want to take a look. Bonus points for not making the design an eyesore.


2. Use words and phrases that would encourage candidates to apply

You will have to inspire, energize and negate any reservation they might have. Once they start reading your ad, they will immediately think sending an application is worth a shot.


3. Be brief and straightforward

You don’t have to tell them everything, so go direct to the point, while leaving them with the desire to find out more. Just make sure the basic details are there on how to contact you.


4. Use verbs (action words)

This will be the driving force of your ad, which will deliver the applicants


5. Create a sense of urgency

Convince them to act now instead of later, so you’ll get things moving immediately in your favor.


Your job ads don’t necessarily have to be of an online nature since not everybody has access to the internet. But despite this, you can still generate and track leads through your call to action strategies. They could be strategically placed in print media and be visible in job fairs, billboards and other offline channels, which will direct all applicants to the right recruitment funnel of your choice and make them easier to track.

The idea is simple: you are going to miss out a lot if you don’t strategically place a call to action in your job ad. As a recruiter, it is your responsibility to utilize the most useful tools in making your job a lot easier, so apply a call to action in your job ads now and get the best results in your quest for talent acquisition.

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