If you’re a recruiter, we know it’s never easy to be in your position. Aside from screening, sorting and qualifying candidates, two of your most critical tasks include overseeing all the company’s recruitment ads and tracking the ROI of each job post.

In recruitment advertising, ROI measures the gain or loss you were able to generate against the amount of money you have invested. Were you able to receive enough number of applications? Have you successfully hired an applicant? Negative ROI is a bad indication as it implies you’re not able to make good use of your budget, time and resources. It could also mean that your company may be losing talent to competition, no thanks to an inadequate or ineffective recruitment system.

But through Offline, you can get over this slump in your recruitment process, as it tracks every lead back to the specific offline ad where they opted in. This allows you to measure the ROI of every channel.


How Offline Works

How to Best Track Your Job Ads for ROI

Offline is a recruitment solution specifically designed to help you generate leads from your offline ads. It’s a helpful solution for measuring the efficiency of your ads and your CTAs.


The Process

Your recruitment team identifies keywords and short codes. The shortcode will beany 4- to 9-digit number assigned to your company for sending and receiving text messages – that will be included in your ads. These ads may come in the form of flyers, taxi ads, or billboards and expose your audience to your recruitment campaign.

Candidates opt in to your campaign by texting the keyword you chose (E.g. “APPLY”) to your unique short code, which goes into the Offline dashboard. Offline automatically captures relevant details – such as lead info, ad source, and time stamp – and then sends SMS instructions to the leads, along with a notification to your lead sourcing team. At this stage, your recruiters should be ready to reach out to your candidates to initiate the screening process, so you could assess the applicants’ skills and cultural fit. You also have the option to prescreen the leads every time they opt in and save your team a lot of time.


Benefits of Using Offline

The Offline dashboard uses information such as the keyword and short code to track the medium that was used by a candidate to apply for the job. As a result, you could immediately determine how many responses you’re getting from a certain ad source. Of course, you’d want to focus on the channel that generated a high opt-in response from jobseekers.

Apart from helping you identify from which job ad your applicants came from, Offline also allows you to compare the quality of your ad’s CTAs. It’s possible that job candidates are responding more to the CTA on your flyers than the CTA found on your billboard ads. This is a valuable insight that can help you fine tune your ads to give you higher success rates.


Wrap Up

Advertising your recruitment needs is only one part of your HR responsibilities. Beyond this, you should have a system in place to help you track the ROI of your hiring ads, especially one that keeps you in the know whether your ads are targeting the right people with your required skill sets and who fit into your corporate values or culture.

If you want the best approach to tracking your job ads’ ROI, you don’t have to look far. We, at engageSPARK, would be happy to demonstrate how Offline can work wonders for your team.