Facebook has always been proud of its Messenger app for good reasons. Since its creation in 2011, Facebook Messenger has gained approximately 800 million users worldwide.

94% of Filipino instant messaging users use Facebook Messenger as it is a convenient option for chatting with friends and family.

Filipinos are among those who are constantly using the platform for social media messaging. Results of the 2015 Deloitte Global Mobile Consumer Survey in Southeast Asia showed that 94 percent of Filipino instant messaging users use Facebook Messenger as it is a convenient option for chatting with friends and family. In fact, in the Philippines, you do not need a data plan to use Messenger, as some telecommunication companies allow Messenger to work without data plans.

For these reasons, businesses are turning to Facebook Messenger to communicate with their audiences. When it comes to the recruitment space, Messenger can be an effective channel for your HR team and recruitment manager since you can easily set up Facebook Messenger as a recruitment app.


How to Use Messenger for Recruiting

Messenger is a powerful recruitment tool—thanks to chat bots that can auto-screen your candidates and give them initial interview questions within the platform.

With Messenger bots, you can:

Pre-screen applicants immediately after they click on a job ad

Messenger automatically launches a conversation with candidates who have opted in into your search ad. The bot asks for the basic information of jobseekers such as their age and educational level.

Choices are automated, so candidates only need to pick the one that applies to them. Based on their answers, the bot determines which questions the candidates should answer next. The candidates’ answers will be captured behind the scenes and only those who meet the basic qualifications will proceed to the next step of the hiring process..

Give applicants quick feedback, while also filtering the right candidates for recruiters

Messenger serves as a recruitment assistant, sifting through applications and identifying candidates who pre-qualify based on certain criteria. This shortens the time that candidates must wait out before knowing when they will be interviewed.

Save recruiter time to focus on pre-qualified leads instead of constantly monitoring and handling chats

Answering chat messages can be time-consuming for recruiters, not to mention, without guarantee that they are talking to the right candidates. Some might have found your brand by mistake and have no real interest in applying for a job at your company. Others might not be ready to apply yet or do not meet the basic qualifications.

Messenger bots can be designed to look at candidates’ qualifications based on their responses during the initial screening stage and will only forward pre-qualified candidates to the recruitment team for further engagement.

Use automated Facebook Messenger workflows to segment inbound leads and direct them to the right human

Although technology can be a good recruiting tool, HR experts are one in saying that recruitment is still a human-driven process. However, there’s also the consensus that recruitment apps like Facebook Messenger are useful in many ways.

Messenger bots can analyze user data to help HR teams fill their lead funnel, manage their leads automatically, and move them through their candidate journey with higher level support from HR personnel. This is because messenger bots are smart enough to create conversation and engagement opportunities with jobseekers based on their behavior and actions on social channels.


There’s so much competition going on everywhere, even in talent search and recruitment. Facebook Messenger can be your most potent tool in recruitment, helping you contact and connect instantly with prospective employees of your company.

To fast-track your recruitment process even more, you could integrate our AppChat services with the Messenger app for businesses.