Ever wonder what the groups dropdown in your reports summary page does? I remember there was a time when someone asked me about why it’s there. Every button, dropdown, tab, column, and toggle on the engageSPARK platform certainly has its function and the groups feature is one powerful tool among others.

Use cases

   SMS Engagement Report

The statistics section of the report allows you to see the number of contacts to whom the engagement is to be sent. But that is not all that it can give you. It offers more flexibility in managing your contacts. It allows you to segment your contacts by their success status in the particular engagement.

If you want to know who among your contacts are yet to receive your engagement (pending), who already received it (successful), and who were not successfully sent (failed), then this is where the groups dropdown in the reports page will come in handy. From the dropdown, you can add the contacts with a particular status (e.g., Failed) to a group and then view that group from the contacts page.

You can do the same with Voice IVR engagements.

This feature also helps you organize your recipients should you want to re-subscribe the failed contacts to a running engagement. If the engagement is already tagged as completed, fear not, because you can still create a copy of it and re-send to the failed contacts.

You can download the grouped contacts in PDF, Excel, or CSV formats from the Contacts page.

How it’s done

Viewing the contact numbers on your engagement based on report statistics is so easy it will only take 60 seconds of your time. To see the reports page on a new level, we’ve created a step-by-step guide to get you started.

Why it’s important

The importance of each of our platform’s features varies per user’s use case. However, at the end of the day, the reports that you can generate on each of your engagements is what will matter most in determining the effectiveness of your campaign. Knowing how to make the most out of what you can see on the reports is equally important as making sure that all of your respondents receive your message. And in case some of them were not able to receive it, you will be at ease knowing that we offer you a way of extracting their contact details.

If you have questions about this feature or other features for that matter, please feel free to express it on the comments section below. We value your feedback as it helps us grow over time.