Effective and efficient talent sourcing is fundamental in finding the perfect candidate for an open position. According to a recent study, 75% of HR managers claimed that sourcing has become more important, and 54% said sourcing reduces recruitment costs.

If you find your sourcing process slow and inefficient, you might want to rethink your current tactics. Come up with new strategies to adapt to trends and industry demands such as making use of recruitment system and other technologies that will help you generate qualified leads and build your talent pool with top candidates.

Don’t waste your resources trying to reach uncontactable candidates. Follow these new tactics for a faster and smarter candidate sourcing.


1. Refer to generate non-stop referrals

When you incentivize referrals, you’re removing barriers to employees referring their friends to the company. Plus, employees will have this incentive at the top of their minds, so they will actively seek out the right candidates for your job posts.

As such, employees will carefully evaluate their friends’ qualifications and make sure that these people are looking for jobs. They can send an SMS to their friend, with a direct link to the job application. applicantENGAGE’s Refer is built in such a way that every referral opts in directly to recruiters, giving you consent to reach out to applicants about job opportunities.

By implementing an employee referral system, you’re getting more pre-qualified leads and relieving your recruitment team of some of their candidate sourcing tasks.

Refer is an automated, hassle-free system that tracks referrals for you. You’ll get real-time notifications once new leads sends their application to your company.


2. Prescreen

Of course, you can’t just rely on referrals when building your talent pool, as you need to seek out top candidates through Prescreen system actively. However, you’re often just wasting your time with a 30% answer rate when you call leads.

Using a recruitment software with an efficient and easy-to-use pre-qualification system will help you save time and money. applicantENGAGE, for instance, will analyze your applicant database and notify you when it finds a qualified candidate.


3. AppChat

App chats are revolutionizing the recruitment industry. Utilizing Facebook Messenger auto screening will help you reach candidates on social media, and pre-qualify them.

You can drive your Facebook ads into a targeted messenger flow that will help you determine whether the candidate fits your job post.


4. Offline and online ads for generating leads

Most recruiters use both offline and online ads to generate leads and collect applicant information but do not know how to track these ads and measure their ROI. A channel-to-funnel system can help recruiters those and and prequalify candidates, 24/7.

applicantENGAGE will include a call-to-action on your ads, whether online or offline, bearing a toll-free number that applicants can text – “Text APPLY to 292929 to be interviewed instantly!”

This way, you can improve the candidate experience by offering a fast and efficient screening method. Applicants can immediately reach you and get prequalified.

Furthermore, this gives you the huge benefit of being able to track and measure the ROI of each ad, real time.


5. Job site applications drive leads into instant pre-qualification systems

When someone applies through a job site, they can be instantly interviewed through an automated call or Facebook Messenger. This enables you to immediately prequalify applicants and save you time and resources on an applicant who doesn’t meet the preliminary requirements.

Once they are prequalified through the job site instant interview, they will be sent an SMS notification to see if they are ready to talk to a recruiter.

If they confirm availability, they will be connected to a recruiter who will conduct another interview for assessment of soft skills and other pertinent information.

If they are unavailable during that moment, a recruiter interview will be scheduled. They will be connected to a recruiter at the time the applicant specified.


You can find the best applicants and hire faster through an automation system and recruitment software that can help you complete more important tasks.

Instead of putting your energy into countless prequalification interviews, make sure that you can focus on high-quality interactions that can help you assess whether your candidate is the best one for the job.

Apply these new strategies in your recruitment process. Let the experts at engageSPARK help you get the best out of technological advancements in recruitment.