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Connect with people in hard-to-reach populations, collect meaningful data, and create voice menus.

Join organizations world-wide that use engageSPARK’s automated phone survey system.


What Is an IVR Survey and How Does It Work?

engageSPARK’s IVR Surveys allow you to ask questions to as many people as you like using automated phone calls.

Participants then respond live on the call using key presses on their mobile phone, or using voice recordings—they simply talk. Because all this is fully automated, these phone surveys allow you to collect data from many thousands of people in almost any country in the world.

With engageSPARK’s IVR surveys, organizations worldwide collect data, educate program participants, and change behavior in developing countries with low cost per interaction.

Non-Profit Organizations:
IVR for Critical Feedback

  • Share critical COVID-19 information with vulnerable populations
  • Push out early warning messages to program participants for cyclone preparedness
  • Encourage at-risk youths to get tested for HIV while educating them on the benefits of using contraceptives

Leading Universities:
IVR for Field Research

  • Launch pre-recorded IVR calls to random phone numbers for a public health research survey to get a sense of the overall health of a certain demographic
  • Survey low-income workers on their knowledge of available government assistance and the challenges they are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic

IVR for Market Research

  • Get feedback from workers by allowing them to dial or missed call a hotline to trigger an IVR callback
  • Survey consumers via voice IVR on how they are using your products to cook healthy food for your company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  • Hear from your customers by allowing them to give you feedback or rate your services and support via an automated voice IVR call

Why Use engageSPARK’s Automated IVR System?

No internet/wifi needed

Your voice survey recipients don’t need to have an internet connection or a smartphone to receive your survey calls.

Scale at ease

Experiment and grow anytime without limits with voice surveys.

Real-time reports

Get IVR survey results in real-time. Download the report in Excel or access the online dashboard.

API Integration

Easily integrate your IVR survey campaigns with your server or any CRM.

How Do You Create an IVR Survey?

We built our IVR system to make this easy for you—no IT skills required!

  1. You start by putting together your questions as audio clips. With our web app you can record questions right in the browser.
  2. Then, you add the phone numbers you want to send surveys to, and customize the phone calls. For example, you could add the sender that should appear on people’s cell phone (the “caller ID“).
  3. With this so-called “IVR script“ built, our automated call response system goes to work and starts making calls—and you sit back and watch the survey results in real-time on our web app.

And if ever you’re not sure how best to proceed, our friendly customer support team will be happy to help.

Get instant results!

Our automated IVR system is built with our clients in mind. It’s powerful, yet easy to navigate.

engageSPARK SMS Survey Tool


Upload or record your voice survey questions.


Select your IVR survey participants.


Launch immediately or schedule for later.

Robust Features Built for Non-Techies

Automated Call Retry

Customize call retry schedules that tell the engageSPARK system when to call again if the recipient was unable to answer the initial IVR survey call.

Automated call reconnect

Increase survey completion rate by reconnecting your recipient from where they left off when the call drops due to bad telco network.

Call-time Window

No one wants to receive calls in the middle of the night. Configure a time window when it’s okay to call your recipients.

Call scheduling

Create your IVR survey campaigns at any time and set them to go out immediately or schedule them for later.

Caller ID

Set what number you want to appear on your recipient’s phone when they receive your calls to foster trust and increase pick-up rate.

Trigger actions per answer

Trigger different actions like send airtime top-up incentive, send SMS back, skip questions, and more depending on your recipient’s answer to your questions.

What Our Customers Are Saying About engageSPARK

With a number of campaign options available, “Go Digital ASEAN” project teams were able to select the most suitable campaigns for each country and the ES team has assisted us with everything from SMS and IVR to mobile top-up incentives. Having connections to mobile operators in many countries has saved us time and been so useful for our project’s impact assessment.

Mi Ki Kyaw Myint

Manager, Special Projects Unit, The Asia Foundation

engageSPARK allowed us to get started within hours, without any involvement of developers or IT staff we would reach out to our customers using both SMS and Voice in a cost-efficient way. For more advanced solutions, the EngageSPARK team has always been there helping us out. EngageSPARK made it easy for us to focus on our core business.

Aron Bodin

Chief Information Officer, Net1

engageSPARK provides detailed reports such as name of client, message, time and date sent and contact numbers. These info are important for our reference especially for overdue accounts notice.

Joy Babad

Branch Manager, St. Peter Life Plans

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