Automated Call Retry

Schedule automated call retries to let the system automatically call people again if they don’t answer the first call attempt. People might not answer because they are busy, their phone is off or the battery died, or their phone is having signal issues.

Adding in automated retries will significantly increase the call pick up rate—and engage more people with your voice call messages.


How to set up an automated call retry

1. Click Show Settings at the bottom of Step 1 when creating Voice/IVR engagements

2. Switch to this tab: Automatically retry calling contacts who don’t answer the Voice call under the Call Retry Settings

3. Schedule retry call. Set rules when the system will call back.

a. Frequency – How many times in the day the system will call again
b. Interval – The time gap between each retry within a day (set in minutes or hour)
c. Repeat Rule – When will the retry occur again (every ‘x’ days or every week)
d. Retry Period – How many days or weeks the retry will last (every ‘x’ weeks/days/months)
e. Time Window – Between what hours the system will do a call retry (e.g. 8am to 8pm)
f.  Block days – Days highlighted in orange are included on the retry schedule. While no retry calls will happen on days that are grayed out. For reference, see below sample screenshot.

Based on the above automated call retry sample (see sample screenshot): The system will call again in case a contact does not answer during the first call attempt twice with an hour gap and within each retry in a day. The retry will happen again after 2 days and will last for 1 week–unless the contact will pick up the call. The call back will only occur between 8am and 8pm from Monday to Friday (i.e. excluding Sunday and Saturday). Once the call is answered, the retry will stop.


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