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How to schedule a campaign to go out at a later date?

Creating any sort of campaign, whether it be SMS, IVR, or WhatsApp, can take a lot of time and effort depending on how complex or detailed you want it to be. This means, you will probably be working on a campaign over a period of time and will want to go back and edit it many times.  When you are done creating your campaign, you can schedule it to go out to your contacts on a specific date and time. (Note: you can always launch the campaign without any contacts and then afterward subscribe contacts to the campaign, including scheduling the subscription to be on a later date and time.)

Here’s how.

First, go into your campaigns tab and select the type of campaign you wish to create. For this example, we will create an SMS campaign.

Go to the third step of the campaign creation process: ”confirm”.

At the very bottom, you will see a section called “schedule this campaign.” Select the launch date you wish to set for your campaign, and now simply press the Save button.


Note: If you press the Schedule for Later button, you will have to cancel the launch in order to keep editing your campaign. 

And that’s it!

You have set the future launch date for your campaign while still being able to go into your campaign in the meantime and make all of the edits and changes that you want.


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