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SMS Survey: Frequently Asked Questions

Our SMS Survey campaign gives you a lot of tools to customize the experience for survey participants. As you dig into the gritty details of how to make the perfect survey for your beneficiaries or customers, you may have questions about the details of how things work. Here we collect answers to some of those.

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Editing a live campaign: Will my changes be reflected immediately?

Yes for all future subscriptions. Updates to your SMS Survey will always affect all contacts you subscribe after saving the campaign.

Yes for questions that haven’t been asked yet. If you change the text for the second question, then anyone who has not yet been asked that question will get the updated version.

  • This is also true for everything else related to the question. For example, if you add or update actions, or add more replies to an answer choice, they also will be at work for anyone who hasn’t gotten the question yet.

No, for active questions. If a contact has been asked a question, then that question will not change anymore.

  • For example, if you change the timeout duration for the second question in your survey, then anyone that has been sent this second question will still get the original timeout.
  • Another example: let’s say you have a “Send SMS” action that says “thank you for answering” when a contact correctly replies. You started the survey, subscribed contacts, and then you spot the typo and fix it. Whoever has already gotten the question by the time you save the campaign, will also get the thank-you message with the typo.

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