Subscribing contacts to an engagement

Subscribe contacts easily to an existing engagement via the Contacts page so they can receive the IVR or SMS campaign immediately or based on the schedule the engagement is set to go out.

In order to subscribe contacts to an existing engagement, the status must be ‘RUNNING‘ or ‘SCHEDULED‘.

Adding recipients or subscribing contacts to an engagement that is ‘STOPPED‘ or ‘COMPLETED‘ is not possible. Instead, copy the engagement from the dashboard (without copying its contacts) and select the recipients on Step 2 when creating the new engagement.


How to subscribe contacts to an existing IVR or SMS campaign

1. Go to Contacts page:

2. Upload contacts using the Excel template or add individually on the Contacts page. You can put them under a “Group” to subscribe them easily to a particular engagement.

3. Select the contact(s) or group(s). You have three options:

a) Click on “Select All” checkbox beside the Phone Number column header to include every contact within the selected group.
b) Select all contacts in your database by clicking on the underlined text in blue highlight after you clicked on the “Select All” option.
c) Enter the phone number and/or individually select the contact from the list. You may use the search function to quickly find the contact(s) to add.

4. Click Subscribe Contacts button which will appear above the phone number list.

5. Choose the engagement name from the dropdown list

6. Then click    Subscribe Contacts   on the pop-up window to add them to the engagement.

Sample screenshot of the Contacts page.


The contacts added will receive the Voice or SMS depending on the schedule set on Step 3 of the engagement. To keep the engagement live, select the End Time option “never (only if I stop this engagement)” on Step 3. For contacts to receive the SMS or voice calls right after they are subscribed, the Start time should be set to ‘Immediately’.

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