Subscribing contacts to a campaign

Subscribe contacts easily to an existing campaign via the Campaigns page so they can receive the messages in your campaign immediately or based on a schedule.

In order to subscribe contacts to an existing campaign, the status must be LAUNCHED or SCHEDULED.

However, you cannot add recipients or subscribe new contacts to STOPPED campaigns. Instead, copy the campaign from the dashboard and select the contacts or group of contacts on Step 2 when creating the new campaign.


How to subscribe contacts to an existing Voice IVR, SMS, or Drip campaign

1. Go to the Campaigns page:

2. Click the Actions button on the right side of the campaign name.


3. Choose Manage Subscriptions from the dropdown choices.


4. A pop-up window will appear which allows you to subscribe contacts individually, by group, or by segment. You can add individual contacts by simply clicking the Subscribe button next to the contact you want to subscribe.

To Subscribe Groups or Segments, simply click on the Manage Subscription button next to the group or Segment and then click Subscribe from the drop-down menu.

The contacts added will receive the messages depending on the schedule set on Step 3 of the campaign. For contacts to receive the SMS or voice calls right after they are subscribed, the Start time should be set to ‘Immediately’. You may also opt to schedule the launch of the campaign on a specific date and time.


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