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Automated call blasts help you engage everyone, especially low-literate populations

Send pre-recorded voice messages as trainings, reminders, notifications in any language, to any mobile phone.

Build call blast campaigns in minutes. Reach people anywhere, fast.

Custom features to boost engagement with hard-to-reach populations. No coding required.

Series of call blasts

Send out a series of scheduled call blasts based on personalized triggers, using our unique call blast drip campaign.


Convert your written messages to audio—with personalization (“Hi FirstName“) — in 44 languages.

Call retries

Increase engagement rates by calling again participants who don’t pick up, according to a schedule you set.

Voicemail detection

Detect automatically that a call is picked up by a voicemail / machine, and retry as though the call was not answered.

Caller ID masking

Improve pickup rates by ensuring that call blasts arrive on participants’ phones from a local phone number.

Call time windows

Set call windows so participants are called only during specific time periods (e.g., M-F, 9 to 6).

Conditional logic

Set certain call blasts to be sent only if conditions are met, e.g., the respondent’s gender is female.


Configure campaigns in multiple languages, so participants get the call blast in their preferred language.

Reports & analytics

See all sorts of analytics: when each participant picked up; on which retry call; how long they stayed on; average call length; how many people listened to the full call.

Campaign scheduling

Schedule your call blast to go live at a specific date and time, even at different dates/times for certain participant groups.

Ask questions

Test comprehension, get feedback, or collect other data by asking one or more questions at the end of your call blast message.

Triggered actions

Send airtime top-ups & SMS alerts, update contact profiles, and more based on whether a participant picks up and how long they listen.

How Population Services International sends critical maternal health information to thousands of new mothers in Cambodia


PSI (Population Services International), alongside its research and design partner 17Triggers, uses the engageSPARK platform to implement a maternal health program across five provinces in Cambodia. Named “Good Families Raise Smart Kids,” this vital initiative supports mothers in fostering the health and intelligence of their babies, impacting over 25,000 Cambodian mothers.

Expectant and new mothers have a straightforward method to join the program: they simply dial a toll-free IVR hotline, where they speak Khmer into their phones to answer questions. The engageSPARK system’s speech recognition technology processes their responses, automatically registering them into the program and tailoring the content based on their baby’s due date or birth date. Midwives also facilitate enrollments during health clinic appointments.

Once enrolled, mothers begin receiving automated call blasts. These calls are not just informative but engaging, featuring the voices of midwives, doctors, and grandmothers – key influencers in Cambodian child-rearing. The information delivery starts ten days before the due date and extends through the first year of the baby’s life.The topics vary, addressing the common questions and concerns of new mothers. For those joining post-birth, the program adapts to offer information relevant to their baby’s current age.

These call blasts also remind participants – at the right times – about important health checkups and vaccinations. Often, these calls are supplemented with SMS summaries, enhancing both access and understanding. This effective combination of SMS and calls is facilitated by engageSPARK’s Drip Campaign feature.

The program’s success is evident in two key areas: knowledge growth and behavioral change. PSI’s surveys, conducted before and after the program, have shown notable growth in participants’ understanding of essential behaviors and a significant adoption of these practices, such as post-natal care visits and breastfeeding. These call blasts are pivotal in enriching the lives of Cambodian families, particularly considering the limited internet access and lower literacy levels of many mothers. By leveraging engageSPARK’s technology, PSI empowers mothers across Cambodia with the knowledge and support they need to nurture healthier families.

The engageSPARK platform – including integrations their team set up with Google Forms – enabled the smooth operation of this important program. The support team was always very responsive and helpful whenever we had questions. We look forward to working with engageSPARK again!
Sokhan Ngoun

Senior Program Manager Promoting Healthy Behaviors (PHB) Project, Population Services International (PSI) Cambodia

Top ways organizations use engageSPARK’s call blasts

Social behavior change communications (SBCC)

NGOs and academic researchers use call blasts to teach best practices and disseminate important reminders

  • Send a scheduled series of call blasts over days, weeks, months, or years to help change behavior
  • Send automated call blast reminders to patients to take medicine, go to the clinic, take their children in for vaccinations—all at the appropriate time
  • Train participants using a series of automated calls on any relevant topic: business or financial skills, agriculture, health, climate change

Crisis communications

Relief organizations leverage automated call blasts to get critical information out to vulnerable populations in fragile contexts

  • Send automated call blasts to refugees or displaced persons from conflict-stricken zones to warn them of places to avoid, inform them about available programs such as cash transfer, airlifts, etc.
  • Set up a phone number for program participants to miss call to trigger an automated callback with important information on how to get help
  • Send critical health and other information to populations that are cut off from access to aid workers during emergencies like Covid-19

How call blasts work on engageSPARK

1. Design campaign

Upload or record audio for your call blasts (or use text-to-speech). Set conditions and actions, and configure settings.

2. Push out calls

Our system starts calling the contacts you uploaded. Or we call randomly generated numbers (RDD).

3. Pick ups

Your participants hear the message when they pick up. The call  automatically ends when the message is finished.

4. Get analysis

Get call data in real-time. Visualize pick-ups and call times with charts. Export the data to Excel or via API.

Why choose engageSPARK?

Respondents don't need a smartphone

Your participants can receive call blasts on any mobile phone, even a basic phone. They don’t need an internet connection or a smartphone.

Integrated with telcos globally

We’re connected with mobile operators across the world, so you can send out call blasts to anyone — without needing to engage with phone companies.

Exceptional customer support

Our global support team goes above and beyond to help you succeed. Time and again, our clients highlight that our support sets us apart.

Easy-to-use, fast and powerful APIs

Easily integrate call blast campaigns with your server or any CRM. Use our APIs to trigger call blasts directly from your server or to push results into your CRM.

Trusted by the largest organizations worldwide. Used in 180+ countries.

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