Sending Unique One-off SMS

Did you know that you can send a one-off personalized message to your contacts using our SMS Blast? Blast is normally used to send informational messages that do not require responses from your recipients. However, if you have a virtual number, you can use it to exchange SMS with your contacts.

Let’s say you launched an SMS blast about your company’s current promotion.

Now, because you’ve sent it using your virtual number in step 3, people are replying to your Blast. You will be able to see responses in your Inbox (Phone Numbers tab > Inbox).

To reply to your contacts, it would be a pain to create individual blasts to send to them, especially if you’ll be sending different messages per recipient. What you can do instead, is create a custom column where you can type in your personalized message to each of them.

Once you have your personalized message, you can start creating your reply.

  1. Create a new SMS Blast engagement. Instead of typing your message in the box, just select the custom column for your message in the Personalized dropdown.
  2. In step 2, you can select the number of those contacts who you want your custom message to be sent to.
  3. In step 3, you can set your engagement’s end time to Never. That way, if you receive more responses, you can just update your custom column with a new message and subscribe the contacts to this engagement.

The best thing about this is that you can continually re-subscribe contacts and send them new messages until you’ve come to a close. Meaning, if the same contacts sent you another SMS with more questions about your promotion, you can reply to them by updating your custom column with a befitting message and re-subscribe them to the same engagement.

Those previously subscribed contacts will no longer receive a message from you, of course. Only those who are newly subscribed or re-subscribed.


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